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Leap Motion Hack 02 - DirectX 11

Coding project by evvvvil is a real-time generative music visualizer controlled with hand gestures via a Leap Motion sensor - video embedded below:

Made in vvvv, HLSL and C# by Mangosh Prunier aka evvvvil. 100% audio-responsive real-time generative 3d graphics, no post-production, entirely controlled by leap motion.
Features: Custom audio responsive extrude geometry shader, custom audio-responsive particle system with geometry instancing & particle rotation, dynamic animated cube maps, multi-pass rendering with correctly occluded glow, real-time text effects, 3 track audio analysis.
How it works: Keytab gesture to start/pause extrusion, circle gesture to rewind. Red cubes react to DRUMS, extrusion reacts to BASS and blue circles react to NOISE.


Deus Ex Aria wants you to control your smartwatch with a flick of your finger

There are many ways to interact with a smartwatch today. Some have buttons, others have touchscreens and mostly all of them support voice. But there is one input mechanism missing from the mix - gesture. Deus Ex Aria is a smart strap or strap attachment that aims to put your hands in the action.

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