André Masson’s “Battle of Fishes”

André Masson was best known for his works in Surrealism, using drugs or losing sleep to create works that tapped into his unconscious. Masson started experimenting with sand in the 1920’s. Battle of the Fishes was one of these works, where Masson applied gesso to the canvas and threw sand on it, resulting in contours that suggest forms, “although almost always irrational ones.” Masson was born on this day in 1896.

[André Masson. Battle of Fishes. 1926. Sand, gesso, oil, pencil, and charcoal on canvas, © 2017 Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York/ADAGP, Paris]

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Can you do 10, 17 & 29 for the Romantic ask, possibly for Byakuran, Gokudera and Xanxus? If you can do only one of them than Byakuran please~ Thanks in advance~

Byakuran - ♥

10♥ Do they include their partners in most aspects of their life?
- Byakuran stays pretty secretive about most aspects of his life, he wants a total controll about what his s/o has to know and what they should know, even if the reality can be transformed in some points.
- On the other hand he will be pretty open about his own feelings toward you and his feelings on a general basis about what revolve around him, so, be prepared to a parade of various and varied feelings changing with the available quantity of marshmallows
- As he’ll keep his plans of domination for himself even if you try to be a little nosy [and he’ll show you a part of him that will make you change your mind at the speed of light], he’ll gladly share all of his activities, passions with you [because he’s clingy af.] and if you’re capable enought, he will even give you the lead of one of the Millefiore’s team.

17.♥ What sort of characteristics or quirks draw them to someone?
- He likes someone sweet, caring and who is not too curious, he can varied between a terrible and creepy boss to a teasing and gentle lover to finish in a big moody baby, you have to be patient and accept his change of mood.
- He si more interested in an adventurous and courageous partner than a fearful and too careful one. Though, they shouldn’t be much sassy or have a lot of repartee because he doesn’t like to lose..never, not even at Snakes and Ladders.
- He’ll rather tend to go to someone who seems not reassured in public, sitting by their own than someone loud and confident

29.♥ How do they express their love to their partner?
- He’s really touchy, so physial contact everytimes and everywhere, he doesn’t mind if there’re people around. It’s a simple arms loose around your body or his chin resting on your shoulder, even when he’s talking to his subordinates.
- He gives the three words easily and expects you to release an ‘I love you’ right away his own [and he says it a lot]
- Byakuran is more someone who shows a lot of big sweet attentions rather than discreet ones and something with a true meaning that doesn’t look like fluffy or lovely, everything is about appearance.

Xanxus - ♥

10♥ Do they include their partners in most aspects of their life?
- No.
- Well, Xanxus doesn’t mind if you’re here, as long as you’re not in his way and don’t bother him or ask for attention too much if he’s not in the mood.
- You better be prepared to face everything that will come in his life and irks or pleased him, so, in a way, you’ll be included in all of the aspects of his life, but you’ll likely suffering from  [or enjoying] the repercutions of everything which happens in his life.

17.♥ What sort of characteristics or quirks draw them to someone?
- He’ll be interested in someone hot. By this I mean, someone which overflow with confidence and who like themselves, something that will be felt in their composures and the way they wear their clothes, they will not hide under large and not well tailored pieces but rather wear something that will highlight them.
- Sassy and standing up to him in an intelligent way get on his nerves..but in good way so, if someone challenges him, he’ll show some interests right away, looking at them with a sadistic smirk on his face while playing with his glass.
- If you constantly play with your hair or replace it, he finds it pretty sexy, but he would hate someone who tap his foot on the floor, he could shoot their legs right away.

29.♥ How do they express their love to their partner?
- Totally not with cute little fluffy words, gestures or attentions.
- It’s more an attitude he would adopt toward you and you only, he’ll show his care for you by checking twice the risk of a mission himself before sending you, be really protective by asking where you go, with who and how many time and if he thinks it too risky, he will took his cloak and go with you whithout asking for your opinion, most of the time, he obliges Squalo to drives you anywhere, to the great misfortune of the latter.
- Sex. I’m sorry, but Sex. Xanxus is man of few words, and it would rather show physically how he feels than saying it so..well,

Gokudera -  ♥

10♥ Do they include their partners in most aspects of their life?
- If you know about the Mafia, yes, and it would be a relief to him because he thinks you have to understand why he’s so implicated in his work and why he has to neglect you sometimes, even if he’ll not share all of the details, he wants you to be aware of his quantity of work and the risk it costs.
- He would love to share is passions with you and can go on and on about a subject he really like, I bet you already went to bed at 4 a.m because you talked about Star Wars at dinner time. If you’re not really into his centers of interests, he would be kind of sad, but not forced you to appreciate it, even if he sometimes throws your way «interesting-not-so-interesting-fact» about galaxy and dinosaurs, hoping you’ll ask for more.
- Of course, you’ll met his friends and family first of all because he needs you to go along with most of them [even Yamamoto, but, hey, not too much!] and he kind of needs Tsuna’s approval..and Bianchi’s one too.

17.♥ What sort of characteristics or quirks draw them to someone?
- Someone natural and comfortable in their shoes. He prefferes someone who doesn’t wear make up and has their hair tie up loosely with some strands everywhere, wearing something not too revealing. [And so, he has the surprise effect when you get off your shapeless sweatshirt]
- Loud people annoy him and he’ll be more attracted by someone calm but not timid, intelligent and who knows what they want.
- Closure issue. Because he has it too and likes when things are always finished.

29.♥ How do they express their love to their partner?
- Hayato is a pretty awkward man when it comes to romance and it wouldn’t be surprising if he expresses his feeling toward you in a particular way. It would sometimes be too subtle for you to notice as he can just screams how you make him feel out of the blue as you’re still in pajamas, shower not even took, eating a pot of yogurt in the middle of the kitchen.
- He’s really good with written words and it’s easier for him to send you a text with something touching rather than saying it out loud, he’ll be a stuttering and a blushing mess if you notice it to him.
- Waits for you to be the first one, always, the one to say ‘I love you’, the one to show him you’re okay for a relationship, the one who cuddle against him before he get the courage to put an arm around your shoulders. He doesn’t understand easily and doesn’t get signals so, just go straight with the Smoking bomb, he’s a clueless little lamb with things of love.


Yuji Moriguchi aka 森口裕二 aka Namida Zubon (Japanese, b. 1971, Tokushima Prefecture, Japan) - 1: お月さまのラプソディ (Rhapsody Of the Moon), 2009, Acrylics on Paper  2: Le Muguet aka Lily of the Valley, 2013, Acrylics on Gesso mounted on Canvas  3: 黒い服の女 (The Woman In Black Dress), Acrylics  

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Romantic 2, 7, & 12 for Byakuran and Mukuro please

Byakuran - ♥

2.♥ Here

7.♥ How do they feel about polygamy?
- If he isn’t fond of the person he’s in relationship with and it’s just some quality time for fun, Byakuran will not mind seeing other people at the same time and wouldn’t mind if they see some other people as well, because he’s deeply convinced they won’t because he’s way more better than any other guy they could encounter. When it’s about being intimate, he’s clearly open too.
- On the other hand, if he’s with someone he has real feelings for and not just affection, it’ll be an exclusive relationship, concerning sexy time, he’ll be okay, from time to time, to introduce someone between their sheets, but, he’s the one who pick.

12.♥ Do they seek to find a partner purely to further the bloodline and name, is it for true love, or is it for pleasure alone?
- Pleasure alone, a lot, until he finds his true love
- He doesn’t even think about perpetuate his bloodline and name, the question will come only when he’ll settle with someone and he’ll not be the one bringin the topic of having a child.
- In the end, he’s totally not searching for love as he can have affection with some random person in desperate nights of lust and it will be a surprise for him to find them on day he wasn’t waiting for it.

Mukuro - ♥

2.♥ When they have a crush on someone, how do they let them know?

- Mukuro is at the same time insistant and distant, he’ll be around them a lot
- He multiplies invitations when they’re only the two of them where he can go with calm activities during which they may have conversations, he’s not the type to just sit and watch movies. He has the need to be in contact physical and psychological with them, he wants to discover their world and each parts of them, he wants to see them as they reveal themselves. Talking with his potential partner is really important to him.
- After installing good foundations, he’ll instaure a lack in the relationship by give them a cold treatment to create and weave an interest and strenghten bonds.

7.♥ How do they feel about polygamy?
- It’s a mixed feelings and it depends either of his partners and his mood of the moment, when’s feeling gloomy, he would tend to be more jealous and doesn’t want anyone to share his ‘favorite partner of the moment’with. In intimacy, he doesn’t mind having several partners but no one is allowed to touch his principal.
- On the paper, he’s pro polygamy because it’s full of advantages but on when experimenting it, he realizes it’s too complicated to find a just balance with his differents partners and, in the end, he doesn’t need someone other than the person he’s deeply in love with.

12.♥ Do they seek to find a partner purely to further the bloodline and name, is it for true love, or is it for pleasure alone?
- Mukuro isn’t searching for anything, he’ll not refuse a partner for pure pleasure if the occasion occur and if the person appeals him, but he’ll not search for it
- He’s definitely not the type to further his bloodline and name as he doesn’t even think about having child [as well as I picture him sterile with of all that he has undergone]
- He doesn’t wait to find his special someone anymore as he lost faith in humanity, even if, deep inside, somewhere really well hidden, he hopes to find someone who can care and be worried about him, someone he can trust and who will trust him as well.


Corinna Wagner (German, Frankfurt Am Main Area, Germany) - 1: Smaragd  Chalk, Gesso on stretched Canvas  2: Die Sphinx Jedoch Schaute Ihr Zu und Lächelte, 2013 Ink, Chalk on Canvas  3: Pinar  Chalk, Gesso, Pencil on stretched Canvas  4: Untitled 1/22  Chalk, Gesso on stretched Canvas  5: Is Was  Chalk, Gesso on stretched Canvas  6: Die Nachricht (The Message), 2015 Chalk, Gesso on Canvas  7: Was Sie Eigentlich Sagen Wolte, 2015 Chalk, Gesso on Canvas  8: Venus Wartet Chalk, Gesso, Pencil on stretched Canvas