okay update

my partner is now at someone else’s home, all three of us were happy about this which is cool:
- my partner gets to not live with me and she’ll be closer to the shops and restaurants that interest her (I’m near the uni but on campus there aren’t a lot of things for outgoing people)
- I get to not live with my partner (keeping my mental stability is gonna be much easier and ALONE TIME)
- the person who houses my partner is happy to house one of the exchange program’s participants

I like when things end well like that

She’ll still be going to most of my classes with me and we’ll see each other at group events but it’s so not the same as having to live with her

i am relief.

good news
very, very good news
after telling my partner I really really wasn’t feeling it and we’d both be better off if she was out of my house, I asked one of the French participants to the exchange program whose partner couldn’t come here if she wanted to (and could!) house my partner AND SHE SAID IT WOULD VERY LIKELY BE OKAY I’m getting 100% certain confirmation at 13:00 at the latest, and from tonight included I’ll have my flat to myself again
if it turns out she can’t there are other people who probably can, but she was my partner’s first choice so yeah
this is very good news I’m

Kein Mensch der Welt kann dir je wieder das Gefühl geben was du bei deinem ersten Kuss gespürt hast
—  Du bist mein Held