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You may have talked about this before but I can't find anything, but what would happen if foxanne did cheat on Alfred with marionette? Like basic scenario?

[GESP] !!

No I’ve never talked about it before u3u They’d definitely break up, probably after a huge fight with lots of crying from Foxanne’s side, and lots of cursing from Alfred’s side. But Foxanne would be in better hands. Puppet would treat him a lot better than Alfred. 

I actually haven’t really decided what to do with them in the future (when the triplets and Cupcake are teenagers). Either they’re in that kind of relationship where they break up/make up/break up/make up, or they’ve broken up completely. Unless I give Alfred some character development and he stops being kind of an ass :’D (though I like him being kind of an ass T3T) 

I guess at some point I could put it to a vote XD If Foxanne stays with Alfred or gets with Puppet 

okay update

my partner is now at someone else’s home, all three of us were happy about this which is cool:
- my partner gets to not live with me and she’ll be closer to the shops and restaurants that interest her (I’m near the uni but on campus there aren’t a lot of things for outgoing people)
- I get to not live with my partner (keeping my mental stability is gonna be much easier and ALONE TIME)
- the person who houses my partner is happy to house one of the exchange program’s participants

I like when things end well like that

She’ll still be going to most of my classes with me and we’ll see each other at group events but it’s so not the same as having to live with her

i am relief.