It’s 12:00 am MET and i wish everyone of my lovely followers all over the world a happy new year! It has been an exciting year for me, i learned so much i found what i like and made a lot decisions for my future. I also made this shitty blog (probably only to entertain myself) and i get to know so many wonderful new people from almost every continent, hmu if you’re from antarctica. I wanna thank you all for being such amazing people and don’t judge me for my weird obsession (#frenchielove). I’ll send a lot of you messages but i kmow me, i know that I’ll forget so many of you and so i wanna thank you all with this post:

gesnounoukristofferhassleballshommee—modelspicnicwithsatanratsimonstrashyprincesallyflytothemoon312968wicked-youthmichaelmodelsfloorboardsunderthebed9thspace4321874532whatisajanisjancensrj-queencocoratchet and everyone else i forgot lol

no matter if i annoy you everyday through kik or we only talked a few times 

HABT EINEN GUTEN RUTSCH INS NEUE JAHR (this means have a good slip into new year in german)

anonymous asked:

favorite blogs?

gesnounou Teresa is my spirit animal she’s better than you ok

kristofferhassleballs guys keep away he’s the queen of sass, Corey only want’s to steal ur man just kidding he has the best url of all time follow him!

hommee—models Saija srsly has one of the best b&w blogs here. no THE best ok

picnicwithsatan Ale is the first person i ever talked for a long time on tumblr and his blog is so good omg it’s so organized and like the complete opposite to my blog

cumdesgarcons Alvaro my dear, GIMME UR LAST NAME

trashyprinces you are a mystery that always finds the hottest guys + makes the best edits

Marina du gehörst dazu auch wenn du so gut wie nie online bist aber du bist der grund warum ich überhaupt auf tumblr bin ♡

there are so many more like allyflytothemoon, rj-queen, qarcon, qomme, garcon-portraits, wicked-youth, taxaceae, immortaladonis

i definitely forgot someone i’m so sorry but i’m so tired and go to bed rn good night