geshe kelsang gyasto

“White Tara is a female Buddha who increases the lifespan, wisdom, and good fortune of living beings. If we pray to her with faith, she has special abilities to protect us from contagious diseases, and the dangers of fire, floods, earthquakes, and other disasters.
White Tara’s blessings are immensely powerful…they can even destroy the terrible Lord of Death who arrives to steal away our life!

White Tara has a white-colored body made of wisdom light. She has seven eyes..two on her face, plus one on her forehead, and each hand and foot. Wearing exquisite garments, she sits on a white lotus in the vajra position. She rests her right hand on her knee with her palm open in the gesture of supreme giving. With her left hand, she holds an upala flower.

White Tara is the kind and compassionate Buddha Mother of all living beings….and just like Green Tara, we receive White Tara’s help as swiftly as the wind moves.

When I see the signs of untimely death, May I immediatley receive the blessings of

~Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso in his book for children “Meeting the Buddhas.”

Even though we have to contemplate suffering to generate renunciation, renunciation itself is not a gloomy mind. It is happy in the knowledge that there is a way to become free from suffering, and it joyfully engages in the practices that lead to liberation. Whereas an ordinary samsaric mind oscillates between elation and despondency, renunciation is a balanced mind that is constantly positive.

Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

Treasury of Merit

When our life is in danger or we are threatened by someone, we usually seek refuge in the police. Of course, sometimes the police can protect us from a particular danger, but they cannot give us permanent liberation from death. When we are seriously ill we seek refuge in doctors. Sometimes doctors can cure a particular illness, but no doctor can give us permanent liberation from sickness. What we really need is permanent liberation from all sufferings, and as human beings we can achieve this by seeking refuge in Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha.
—  Geshe Kelsang Gyatso (Modern Buddhism)

“A sick person cannot be cured of his illness just be reading the instructions on a bottle of medicine, but he can be cured by actually taking the medicine. Similarly Buddha gave Dharma instructions as supreme medicine to cure the inner disease of our delusions, but we cannot cure this disease just by reading or studying Dharma books. We can only solve our daily problems by taking Dharma into our heart an practising it sincerely.”

Eight Steps To Happiness, Geshe kelsang Gyatso

Buddha Vajradharma:
The manifestation of the speech of all the Buddhas

It is primarily through receiving teachings from our Spiritual Guide, or Guru, that we receive the blessings of Buddha’s speech, so for us our Guru functions as the manifestation of Buddha’s speech. To help us develop this recognition we can visualise our Guru as Buddha Vajradharma. Buddha Vajradharma is the principal Field of Merit within the Guru yoga practice of Vajrayogini.

‘My kind root Guru, Vajradharma,
You are the embodiment of all the Conquerors,
Who grant the blessings of all Buddhas’ speech,
I request you please bestow the spontaneously born exalted wisdom’

Geshe Kelsang Gyatso ~ Guide to Dakini Land