Hess Vinyl mix recorded 16/11/13


Joachim Nordwall - Acid Ritual
Kevin Drumm, Jérôme Noetinger, Robert Piotrowicz - Wrestling: The Angel Wrestles With Jacob, He Fails And Does Not Give Jacob A New Name.
Morphosis - Dismantle
Helm - Silencer
Bernard Parmegiani - Matières Induites
Kevin Drumm | Michael Esposito - Reecho Snow/Gravedigger/Depth Hoar Boation
Basic House - B.G.Feathers
Laurel Halo - Oneiroi
Celebrate Music Synthesizer Group - PIM
Iancu Dumitrescu - Pierres Sacrées
Perc & Einstürzende Neubauten - Sado Masodub
Prostitutes - Sold A Decade At A Time
Miles - Infinite Jest
Metasplice - Dioxinition

Tickets now on sale for Gesamtkunstwerk7

Gesamtkunstwerk7 is set to be our most experimental night yet – with live transmissions and collaborations from all the Gesamtkunstwerk mob plus Mill comrades.

Starting at 7pm, the Mill will be rigged up with all the hardware we can muster – with live drops throughout the night from AHRKH, Yes Blythe, Druss, Dwellings, Michael O’Neill, Negra Branca and Raikes Parade plus DJ shots from Vulj, Hess and Replicunt.

The man at the back, Raikes, who makes all this shit happen is gonna rig us up a set up whereby anyone can jam with anyone at any given time, leaving the night open to spontaneous mutations and downright nasty crossovers.

This is the sound of Gesamtkunstwerk as we’d always wanted it – a seething mass of vinyl, hardware and heads, no set times, no headliners, just a mutating soundsystem to keep moving and morphing for 11 hours.

Friday 6th December, 7pm-6am, Islington Mill, £5 tickets / £7 door.

Tickets from Skiddle: