gertrude rose

“Grace Kelly has a presence - a charisma. She also has reason. She is a reasonable person. I will place Grace by far the most amenable and cooperative and untroublesome actress that I have worked with. What is it that Gertrude Stein said: ‘a rose is a rose is a rose.’ What else can you say about her?”

- Alfred Hitchcock

“She is an exceptional human being. She not only had good judgment and good taste, but a tremendous ability to concentrate and was an absolute delight to work with.”

- William Holden

“I’ve worked with some of the biggest stars, but Grace Kelly was the best actress I’ve ever worked with in my life. That woman was total relaxation, absolute ease - she was totally THERE. She was an extraordinarily serene girl.”

- Cary Grant

“So many people ask me that same repetitious question, ‘Who is your favorite actor or actress?’ I say 'Grace Kelly’ every time. Not because I am fond of her, not because she looks so superb in anything I design; but working with her is an extraordinary experience because you don’t actually work for her - you work with her.”

- Edith Head