gertrude c. warner

dontkillbugs  asked:

What kinds of books would the Gems like (Peri, Jasper, and Lapis included)? Genre, or author, or both?

Spooky: I decided to add their favorite books as a recommendation and so that I could build off of it with a clearer example!

Garnet: The Price of Salt by Patricia Highsmith. She likes books with romance and drama (especially with gay characters), but is the kind of person who needs a happy ending. Garnet is the personification of that kind of story and would rather not have to read stories of failed relationships, she’s kind of a lovesick softie. Please let the lesbians live.

Pearl: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, with Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare in a close second. Romance? Drama? Tragedy? Sign Pearl up. She doesn’t read a lot of new books, just older ones that she was most likely around for a long time ago when they were published, and is very dedicated. Pearl can read a book a hundred times over and then some, especially anything Jane Austen or by the Brontë sisters.  

Amethyst: The Boxcar Children by Gertrude C. Warner. This one was a little easy since it’s what The No Home Boys was based on, but Amethyst is a sucker for any stories about mysteries being solved and adventure (The Hardy Boys are alright, but after they got even richer they weren’t as relatable). She’s the kind of reader who can never let go of a series and never wants them to end, so long series are a must.

Peridot: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. Peridot’s favorite thing to read is sci-fi (humans are so funny), and when there’s an element of comedy to it she’s through the roof. She’s just getting used to the idea of doing things just because, not for any reasonable purpose, so reading something scientific without learning… Anything, is thrilling!

Lapis: The Pearl by John Steinbeck. Disregarding the ocean theme, Lapis loves dark dramatic novels and doesn’t mind when they don’t have happy endings- life isn’t fair after all, and those kind of books reflect how she feels at times. She also likes horror novels (aka anything Stephen King) but prefers them to have a message depending on her feelings that day.

Jasper: The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas. Jasper has a huge chip on her shoulder and isn’t the biggest reader, so it has to be really interesting to her (and have BETRAYAL and REVENGE) to even get her to open it. Is it dark? Does the main character get their satisfaction? She’ll give it a try, but don’t expect to see her in the library too often.