gerti giggles

I will apologize for nothing and you can’t make me.

So I got sick of working on my theory and wanted to do something fun. What started as a sketch has turned into my new desktop background. I’m dead serious.

I’ve been meaning to do something bigger like this for a while. I know the mod of Token has been having a rough time, and a while back they adapted a scene from Bob’s Burgers with Tina getting her 13 birthday party dream. So it started as that, but then evolved to involve other ships. Or just some random animatronics who decided to show up.

I hope you guys enjoy this! I know I did. I like doing big group like projects like this.

Gerty belongs to me.
Dillard belongs to naninadz
Anna, this version of Mike belong to rebornica
Doll belongs to anyone who has made a Doll (I made Doll a blank slate so you can imagine your version of Doll there)
Chompy belongs to eyjoey
Happy and Nameless Frog belong to sweetriddless
Chuckles 2.0 belongs to mayadile
Giggles 2.0 belongs to rebelyeen
Prancy belongs to equnep/artcelerate
Token belongs to tokentiger

PS. Sorry if you guys are getting annoyed with all the fanart I’m doing x.x; I’m sorry for bogging down your dash!