Gertie is doing well, thanks for asking!

My cousin Abby came to visit and we got far too much sushi by accident. 5 rolls ≠ pieces. I’ll be much more careful next time I order.

It was raining and I got a cool picture.

That fabric is for a weighted blanket I commissioned.

We had giant pancakes. The girls were thrilled!!

We made dinner ON THE GRILL!!!

I did yard stuff. Hopefully it grows.

My husband is a soccer player. Look at his handsome self running around and stuff!

Cabin Pressure, Series 1 Episode 5: Edinburgh

Well, the picture on the rugby went all funny, so Douglas said I should shin up onto the roof and twiddle the aerial … only now I’m here, I can’t seem to find it.

I thumbnailed this a while ago but couldn’t draw it till I looked up some reference. An afternoon shopping for vintage executive jets and holding them up to my mental image of Gertie led me to the HS-125, which happened to be photographed almost exactly like my thumbnail. If you want to know my thinking on the model of aeroplane, lucky you, I’ve written it out.

“Douglas, where is my hat?”
“I haven’t the slightest idea, Captain.”

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I know the fandot’s still reeling a little bit from Yverdon-les-Bains but chin up, Cabin Crew, all is not lost! Trust in John Finnemore to see MJN through and trust in your fellow members of the fandot to write, draw, create, toss apples, and spot yellow cars in the mean time. ^_^

So, Happy Valentine’s Day, Cabin Crew!

MJN Air logo used with kind permission of taggianto (blog | signatures | Redbubble).

The Legend of GERTI's Gold (Cabin Pressure SPOILERS)

Be advised: there are spoilers for ‘Zurich’ below. Also: Math.

Upon hearing the Cabin Pressure Finale, the only real question in my mind was “how much money did they actually get?”  It was trickier to answer than I’d hoped, but I believe I have finally calculated a back-of-the-envelope/order of magnitude estimation.  All figures are rough guesses, but I think we get a decent sense of the scale of their windfall, at least.

Based on several fan guesses as to what real plane best approximates GERTI, she weighs (normally) 10,000 KG (plus or minus, of course).

The only place I could find weight of wiring estimates puts it at roughly 1-2% of a plane’s weight in general.  So call it 1.5%.

GERTI (normally) has 150 KG of copper wiring (I’ve discounted the weight of insulation entirely).

To convert copper to gold, multiply by the ratio of their densities (making sure to keep the units consistent):

19,300 Kg/m^3 / 8960 Kg/m^3 = 2.15

150kg * 2.15 = 323kg

The Cabin Pressure Crew own 323kg of Gold and GERTI is always 173kg overweight (that’s 380 pounds overweight to Americans).  I really don’t know how much more balky that would make a plane, but it’s 1.7% of the plane’s total weight.

Current price of Gold is 37339.72 Dollars per Kilogram.

Carolyn now has just over 12 million dollars (7.7 million pounds).  That is a lot of lemons.

Having a bad day?

Here’s a quick and easy pick-me-up.  Just think about…

-Douglas doing something clever and sorting out each and every mess that the MJN crew gets into.

-Martin diverting because Arthur was sad about the cat in the hold.

-Arthur teaching the whole crew about the simple joy of tossing an apple back and forth.

-Martin going out of his way to deliver a bottle of brown sauce to Douglas for his anniversary, and then being the bigger man and not exposing Douglas’s actual rank in front of his wife.

-Douglas paying 75 Euro for Arthur’s ‘mainly chocolate thing’ just to make him happy.

-Arthur throwing the ‘mainly chocolate thing’ in Ruth’s face and valiantly defending Carolyn.

-Carolyn actually being rather sweet to the paranoid bassoonist.

-Douglas carrying Martin out of the smoke-filled fuselage.

-Carolyn carrying Arthur out of the smoke-filled fuselage.

-The crew indulging Arthur and finally playing charades with him.

-Douglas and Martin going to rather extreme lengths to give Arthur a fantastic airborne Christmas.

-Douglas and Arthur helping Martin sort out the piano move.

-Everyone being so proud of Martin landing GERTI after the terrifying bird strike.

-Martin and Douglas’ unabashed and vengeful glee as they get back at Gordon Shappey for hurting Arthur and Carolyn.

-Arthur and Douglas hanging out in the airport bar swigging pineapple juice.

-Arthur taking such good care of Martin’s mum.

-Carolyn and Douglas giving Simon what-for and making Martin feel like he is on top of the world.

-Carolyn’s huge show of character development as she basically says ‘who cares about the money, we have to go surprise Martin and pick him up from his big interview.’

-The MJN crew being a true family to one another.

Cabin Pressure 30 Day Challenge: July 15 - Make a Cabin Pressure GIF

“I don’t have an airline. I have one jet. You cannot put one jet in a line.