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List of Marvel Actor/Actress Fan-Mail Addresses.

While scrolling through the Marvel tag, we noticed that afro-elf was looking for a master list of address to send fan mail to the Marvel actors. So here you go afro-elf

The following list is organized in alphabetical order by character name.  This kind of got away from us and got really long so we’ve made it a read more.

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papajensen  asked:

What does it mean now that Jensen is with Gersh??? What is Gersh??? Please forgive my stupidity :c

Gersh is basically an agency fit for grooming actors into A-listers. Both Tobey McGuire and Hayden Christensen signed with them and as a result they got Spiderman and Star Wars. So what that hopefully means that after Supernatural is over (which probably won’t be for a while) Jensen will have more of a probability to get bigger roles than B movies.