gerry ortega

The reversal of Gov. (Joel T.) Reyes’s exoneration creates confusion in the minds of the public, and certainly puts into question the integrity of some decision-making processes in the Department of Justice (DOJ)… Definitely, the real mastermind in the Ortega killing must be laughing his head off at this very moment.
—  Ferdinand Topacio, legal counsel and spokesman of former Palawan governor Joel T Reyes. Was he referring to his governor client? 

Total Rickall" was one of my favorite episodes to work on. Why? Hella character designs! Here’s just THREE. So many characters that we split the cleanup between Carlos Ortega, Me,Gerry Galang, and Sabrina Mati.

Color credit to James Mc Dermott, Jason Boesh, Jack Cusamano, Elisa Phillips, and Kyle Kapps.