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Current Event 7:  Our first field trip as a fashion class was a trip to Los Angeles to visit various places in the fashion district like the California Market Center, the San Pedro Wholesale Mart, and Santee Alley.  We ended up doing a quick walking tour of the mart and the shops around the area, and then we were let loose in Santee Alley for a fun day of shopping.  I ended up purchasing a grey lace dress from a boutique in the alley, another dress from a sale in the Gerry Building, and a lovely teal leather purse from the main market building.  Everything I bought was super nice and of fine quality, but I got it all for a fantastic price

fic: Love Like Battleships (AU, Olicity, rated M) ch 1/11

Love Like Battleships (4363 words this chapter) by callistawolf
: 1/11
FandomArrow (TV 2012)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Oliver Queen/Felicity Smoak
Characters: Oliver Queen, Felicity Smoak, Ray Palmer, Sara Lance
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Shipwrecked, Alternate Universe - Movie Fusion, Enemies to Friends to Lovers, Infidelity, Eventual Romance, Eventual Smut, mentions of Ray/Felicity, mentions of Oliver/Sara, Airplane Crashes, Crash Landing, Action/Adventure
SummaryWe’re high then we’re low/First it’s yes then it’s no/And we’re changing like the tides/Yeah, but I want you, I need you/And I guarantee you we’ll make it out alive

Six Days Seven Nights AU - Felicity is a driven career woman on a much-needed vacation with her doting boyfriend. Oliver is a charter pilot with a history of running from complications (and his life). They clash from the start, two wrongs rubbing up against each other the wrong way. What happens when a nasty storm causes them to crash on a deserted island, alone, together?

Author’s Note: Hello, friends! I’ve finally been able to write something! I’m not quite done with this one yet… I’ve got two chapters left to write and then it’s finished. But… gulp… I’m already contemplating a sequel! There’s more story here and I want to now what happens after the ending. Hopefully, you’ll agree with me. Anyhow, thanks for joining me on this ride. I hope to be able to do daily posting so this will all be up by the time s4 premieres. Who’s with me??

(also, much apologies for the Ray/Felicity and Sara/Oliver to start with… it’s important to the story and you’ll see why later on. If you’re familiar with the movie, then you already know. If you aren’t, even better!)

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Under normal circumstances, Felicity thought snow was quite beautiful.  She enjoyed he way the flakes floated down to earth, like little miniature angels, covering all the dirt and decay of the world with white, pristine beauty.  One of her favorite things to do on a snowy day was curl up in her cozy flannel shirt with a mug of tea and a good book and sit in the window to read and admire the wonderland outside.

The key scenario here, of course, was that she was inside while the snow was outside.  

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