The Rescue

Watson-Holmes sat propped up against the wall of the alleyway, putting pressure on her side, wincing in pain. She watched as her old fob watch fell out of her pocket. She picked it up with one hand, studying it again. It had opened as it fell, and as she watched, her hand started to glow. She looked up as she heard familiar footsteps

“Oi, come back here!” her attacker ran after her, spotting her in the alleyway, still holding the pocket knife, with a spot of blood dripping from it, Victoria’s.

“Why can’t you just leave her alone!” Alex huffed and struggled to keep his head up, a small gash on his cheek as the other two goons clenched his arms, holding him back against the struggle, “Just stop it!”
“But, Moran, I am having so much fun, having to deal wit you faggots and your faggot parents,” the leader merely sneered, Alex trying to rush him, instead met with another blow to the stomach, now almost unconscious, “So missy, isn’t prince charming lovely?”

Stranger: ((Woah! God, argh, that’s better than the prompt! No problem!))

Victoria screamed as they hit Alex. “Stop it!” She said, her voice getting quieter and quieter but still forceful. She looked at her hands again, eyes widening as she realised what was happening. She stood up shakily, holding the wall for support, and stepping back so she wouldn’t harm Alex.

You: "O so you think you can take me on?“ he tilted his head and broke out in a crooked smile, raising his wielded arm, "Alex was good but I would like to see- …. what the bloody hell?” finally noticing Victoria’s hand begin to glow, “You- you… you’re a freak! A fucking faggot freak! Something is wrong with you.

"Please… Vic….” Alex was struggling to open his eyes, his head sharpening in pain and swimming at the sounds. It must been the trick of the light and the blow that did him in because it almost looked like his best friend was….shining…
“Boss, maybe we should keep-”
“You shut your god damn mouth! She’s mine! I’ll be the one to set her /proper/” he shouted and bounded at her with a raised hand, “You are MINE!”

Stranger: "Stay back!“ She said forcefully, voice tight with pain. She looked as the light got more intense. Suddenly the light covered her, streaming out of her arms and head. She started to yell.

You: "Christ!” but it was too late for him, hit with the sudden burst of energy and seeing their leader crumple, the other two fled around the corner, dropping Alex whose body missed the mass of light by mere centimeters. There was a scream… Vic’s Victoria’s! And nothing he willed his body to do would move or even respond, and he was scared, they had to be hurting her. Then there he was, Alex Moran just lying like an arse on the pavement as his friend was probably being- he tried not to think about it, though either way he was still frightened.

Stranger: Suddenly the light faded and a different girl emerged. Victoria looked around, noticing the leader on the ground, giving a small sigh of relief. Then she noticed Alex on the ground. She gasped, running over. “Alex!” She yelled, her voice full of worry.

You: "mmmm….uhhh….V-v…“ having been turned over, someone called out to him and when pushed up slightly, Alex blinked at the girl and shook his head, "Vic… Victoria… hurt, attacked…” He looked around him, only the leader left and this new person beside him, “Did you see a girl here? Just a few minutes ago maybe? She had um… blonde, blonde hair and green eyes and- and- o damn.”
Slowly sitting up onto his knees, he then pushed himself up and standing, jogged down the alleyway, violently staggering and swaying.
“Victoria!” Alex called out, “Victoria!”

Stranger: "Alex!“ She replied, running after him. She put her hand on the boy’s shoulder, keeping him steady. "Alex, it’s me. I’m still Victoria.” She looked at the boy closely, looking over the cuts and bruises on him carefully. “Oh my god, are you alright?”

You: "Damn it… what did you do to her?“ suddenly this girl had his attention and he gripped her by the shirt,” Where is she? What have you done with her?“ Alex snarled.

You: "You this git’s girlfriend?”

Stranger: Victoria stepped back as much as she could, fear in her eyes. She’d seen how angry her best friend could get. “Alex, it’s still me, trust me. Please, stop.”

You: "Don’t give me that. You expect me to believe-“ then he realized something. Her outfit. Dark jeans and a fitted union jack shirt, a hole where she had been jabbed by the pocket knife except there was no wound. In fact there was no Victoria at all and this further confused Alex, ready to retort and make another threat when he looked into her eyes. Despite the colour change there was… something familiar about them, as if he had known them for some time now.
"V…. is that really….you?”

Stranger: She smiled. “Yes, it’s me.” She stopped smiling as she looked at his injuries. “We need to get you to a hospital Alex.”

You: "But V… that’s….this…it really is you! What happened? Did they hurt you, at all?“ Alex rapidly questioned her.

Stranger: "I… well… I regenerated.” She said, looking at her new body for the first time. Same height, and still quite thin, but there were freckles up and down her arm. She pulled a strand of dark red out of her eyes, looking at it closely.

You: "I don’t understand, how hard did I hit my head?“ he responded, rubbing his face into his palms then glancing up again.

Stranger: "Relatively hard, from what I saw.” She said, looking around. “And regeneration, it’ll sound quite weird.”

“R….regeneration? So you just… change…. you can look like any other person,” he raised an eyebrow in disbelief, “Just poof! New person?”