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Here - Draco x Reader Imagine

Requested by - @writingbyers

“hi hi hi! I was wondering if you could write one where it’s Draco x Reader where the reader is Ron Weasley’s Twin Sister, with it set during the war?”

Pairing - Draco x Reader

Warning/sWar, swearing and death

Word count - 592

Voldermort had just left the castle it rubble and ashes. His followers, the death eaters, retreated to him. You were searching for your family in the great hall. You saw too many people you knew lying lifeless on stretcher beds. You bite your lip, hoping to the gods your family was okay. You bumped into someone and mumbled a sorry. You looked at them and saw Harry staring directly in front of him. You turned your head to see what he was looking at.

Your heart clenched and the world started to move slowly. You ran toward your family, tears streaming down your face. You saw Fred, your older brother laying there lifeless with George and Ron hovering over him. You screamed out a no but the noise was drowned out by the thumping of your heart. Your father, Arthur, hugged you tightly as he cried into your ginger hair. You gripped your father, and tucking your head further into his chest, not wanting to see Fred. You let go of your dad and built the courage up to walk over to Fred and hold his hand.

“I’m so sorry Fred. I love you so much,” your cried whilst holding his hand. You drew in a large breath and trudged out of the Great Hall. Before you walked out, Ron grabbed you and hugged you. You couldn’t believe it, Fred… he was always there for you and the last thing you told him was I’ll see you on the other side Freddie. Your twin Ron, was a mess, his ginger her was matted over his forehead and his eyes were bloodshot red. You both let go and he smiled at you.

“Who killed him Ron? Who did it?” You whispered, tears still spilling from your eyes. You looked at the ground, attempting not to scream out loud.

“I don’t know; he was killed in an explosion. A death eater exploded it,” He said meeting your gaze. You felt so mad, one stupid death eater murdered your older brother. You wanted to kill. Ron grabbed you by the shoulders, noticing your change in demeanor. “No, we’ll get our chance. We’ll kill them all for him. Fred wouldn’t want you to walk right to them, Y/n,” He said to you. You sighed and nodded.

Ron looked behind you and whispered a word that use to roll of your tongue with great happiness. You whipped around and saw him, the boy you were in love with. He looked so exhausted and depressed when he looked at you. You looked at Ron and he nodded. You ran to him, the pain in your heart hurting you with every step you took. When you reached him you grabbed his face and kissed him. His arms hung loosely around your waist. You didn’t realise you were crying when you tasted the salty tears.

You pulled back looking at him. “Y/n, I’m so sorry. He loved you a lot and I’m so sorry that I haven’t been there for you. I love you,” he said looking at me. My heart thumped in pain, not only from losing Fred, but from seeing the sadness that covered Draco’s face like a blanket. Your life felt like it had been ripped away, yet starting to form itself again when you were with Draco.

“Draco, I have missed you dearly. I thought I would never see you again,” you whispered, caressing his face as you talk. He gave you faint smile and gripped your and,

“I’m always gonna be here for you, Y/N”

A/N: omg. This hit me in the feels. I wanted to have a bit more of Ron and Sister love in this. I’m actually so excited because I started this blog on the 1st of this month and I nearly have 100 followers omg!  Anyways, I hoped you guys liked it and the requestee did J My requests are open send more in loves!!