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LOL i’ve wondered about this too and mostly figured Cas would angelically clean Dean up and Dean would be really squirmy and annoyed at the intrusion but also yeah he’s enough of a germphobe he totally understands :P Although tbh there’s also those ‘helpful’ infographics about how kissing spreads the most bacteria and viruses and if we get too deep, Cas should be weird about that too…

maybe more of a human Cas problem like, suddenly realising how germy and gross human existence is from past knowledge of everything right down to the bacteria on people’s skin and then suddenly having to deal with being human and helpless to it >.>

Poor Cas

Lol! Once you start really thinking about it its easy to feel super sorry for him! Because yeah, if he can taste molecules… then he must be aware of individual bacteria and holy shit that has gotta be so gruesome especially since they say our skin is absolutely crawling with bacteria… the human mouth isn’t exactly sanitary… let alone other areas!

But you have a good point that angel Cas could just sterilise everything as he sees fit. So as an angel even though he knows that Dean is crawling with germs, one swipe of grace and he is squeaky clean and Cas can go ahead and rim him to his hearts content.

Human Cas would still know that Dean is crawling with germs… but he can’t clean anything away. At the same time though his awareness while human wouldn’t be as strong, and he wouldn’t just be tasting the “molecules” anymore. So he could just push it to the back of his mind, join Dean in the shower and personally see to it that Dean was squeeky clean the human way (Dean wouldn’t mind that at all since it usually leads to shower sex and he has come to realise that with Castiel it really isn’t all that complicated after all). :P

Oooh on a completely separate thought there is actually canon that backs up this weird “Cas ‘angel cleans’ his partners before sex” idea and that is Meg. After Cas kissed her she specifically said she felt “clean”. So now I just have this hilarious idea in my head that right before Meg leaned in he silently freaked out and zapped her super clean before she even got her mouth on him, and then he just figured the hell with it and went for it Pizza man style. He totally cleaned away all that demonic bacteria before she could touch him. LOL.

I guess Cas and Dean have another thing in common after all - they are both germaphobes!