My Brothers Fight Against Brain Cancer

My brother was diagnosed with a NGGCT brain tumor (Non-Germinoma Germ Cell Tumor) in February 2015. He has undergone intense chemotherapy, radiotherapy and multiple brain surgeries to finally remove the tumor. By Christmas we finally thought the ordeal was over. To our dismay, in January 2016 the MRI scans showed a grey shadow on his spine which has now grown and multiplied with the latest MRI images in February 2016.
He wants to start raising awareness about Brain Tumours and the need for more research and support now.
We are currently waiting for him to come out of open spinal surgery for a biopsy.
Please share this to help him with this challenge. Nic is an incredibly brave boy who has smiled and has been the strongest of us throughout it all and I am blessed to have him as my brother. Please spread the word and help us fight against cancer.