its-a-goddamn-heartbreak  asked:

If there was a bug going around school/the uni campus, which of your characters would likely catch it and why? Who would escape unscathed?

I’m going to split this into Gang 1 and Gang 2 cause it’s easier to deal with!

Gang 1:

If Eden’s stressed/run down he’ll catch it! He’s actually the most likely to get any and everything that’s going around. He sometimes gets really annoyed cause if there’s a bug going round in the school that Jude’s on placement in, Jude won’t get it, but he’ll pass it on to Eden! 
(Oh he’s closely followed by Eppie in this though).

Alba’s pretty robust, so she tends to avoid getting everything! (Leyton also, but that’s because he’s a germ freak!)

Gang 2: 

Aiden. Probably due to working in hospitals around people who are (shock horror) sick, it’s almost unavoidable that he picks up things quite frequently!

Gang 2 is more difficult - probably Lindsey! It depends on how close Aiden and Blake have been!