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#TrumpAZ #Farrakhan‬ warns what Whites MUST do to avoid TOTAL Destruction(#Reparations): “America did detain thousands of ‪ #Japanese‬-Americans in concentration camps (#WWII) and confiscated their property.

Now Congress says America treated the Japanese-Americans WRONGLY and have okayed several BILLIONS OF DOLLARS to be paid to the Japanese in‪ ‎REPARATIONS‬.

The ‪#Germans‬ recognize the evil that they did to the Jews, and RIGHT NOW they are PAYING REPARATIONS to #‎Israel‬.

East Germany wanted to unite with West Germany and in order to do so, they REPENTED and stated their intentions to pay Israel REPARATIONS.

"We ask the #‎Jews‬ of the world to forgive us,” the East German parliament said in a formal statement. “We ask the people of Israel to FORGIVE US for the hypocrisy and hostility of official East German policy toward Israel, and for the persecution and the degradation of Jewish citizens, also after 1945, in our country.

"We declare our willingness to contribute as much as possible to the healing of mental and physical sufferings of survivors and to provide just compensation for material losses.”

That’s a wonderful thing done by the East Germans.

Now let’s rewrite this a little bit and let’s put it in the hands of America.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if America said, “We ask the Blacks of the world to forgive us? We ask the Black people of America to forgive us for our hypocrisy and the hostility of official United States policy toward Black people, and for the persecution and degradation of Black people even after 1863 when we called them citizens and said they were free.

"And we (the government of America) declare our willingness to contribute as much as possible to the healing of mental and physical suffering of any survivors and to provide just compensation for material losses.” Farrakhan: Add it Up : The Case for Reparations


live-behind-the-horizon  asked:

I love your artwork! I don't have synesthesia but I can still agree with many of your paintings as it just feels right and kind of smooth when I look at them. If you ever find the time could you please do Robbers by The 1975? Love from Germany :)

Thank you so much. I’ve heard from some people that they totally understandable my color choice. I’ll definitely listen to that song and see if I can paint jt


Join me tomorrow, Thursday September 1, 2016 at 11:00am Central time for Day 1 of the 30 Day Challenge!

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I hope you talk with you tomorrow!

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But Trump hasn't advocated harming anyone. And the Jews never harmed anyone, they were not a threat to Germany on any level. While in December of 2013, 89 Illegals committed 575 acts of sexual abuse on American children that we know of in North Carolina alone.

I don’t even know how to answer this which I’m not…… 

You just realized you defended Trump right?



‘Nevigeser Wallfahrtsdom’, Neviges Pilgrimage Church
Neviges, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany; 1963-73

Gottfried Böhm

«When the natural light in Neviges disappears at the end of the day, large, simple street lamps of the kind you find around city squares are switched on. After all, the interior of the church is conceived as a large, covered city square with a normal road surface, which is surrounded by galleries, balconies and chapels marking the end of the believer’s pilgrimage.
It is a square in twilight, whose stunning roof disappears like a mountain range fades into the mist. In order to reach the interior of the church you enter via a low main entrance, which leads through the hollow of the passageway into the church proper, whose dimensions are only revealed to the eye gradually and which always retains an air of mystery. Thanks to bright back lighting the galleries in either side of the “market place” stand out as distinct outlines and appear to hover in the dusk of the enormous room. The polygonal supports, the angular walls segments of these galleries with their own windows and balconies enter into an alliance with the visible folds of the ceiling, which convey to the visitor the impression that he or she is standing inside an angular crystal, in which the red of the windows burns like a fire. Manfred Sack summarizes the overwhelming spatial experience of this church as follows: “Nobody can elude this powerful room mystically lit by cheerful windows, this dancing monumentality. There is space for almost 7,000 people. Even if you visit it alone, you never feel lost there. Neviges is probably the last great cathedral. The calmness of its interior evokes the Pantheon."» by Ingeborg Flagge.

see map | about the architect 1, 2
+ information 1, 2, 3 | images 1, 2 | video 1, 2

via "Gottfried Böhm”, Wolfgang Voigt; Jovis Verlag, Berlin (2006)

Hetalia characters in a horror movie
  • N. Italy:The one who suggests that they check out the creepy place the killer is rumored to be in
  • Germany:The one who tries to deny all of it and find a logical explanation for what's happening until it's too late
  • Prussia:The one who dies first
  • Japan:The one who figures out who the killer is but is killed immediately afterwards for the sake of drama
  • Canada:The one who was the killer all along
  • England:The one who reveals who/what the killer is
  • America:The one who makes it out in the end
  • China:The one who yells "is anybody there" like they are expecting the killer to answer
  • France :the one who dies after making out with another person because they didn't notice the killer coming
  • Russia:The one who dies fighting the killer
  • Spain:The one who sacrifices themselves so the others have a chance if getting away
  • S. Italy:The one who screams at everything
  • Hungary:The only one smart enough to run to the front door and not upstairs
  • Austria:The one who finds everyone dead in the end

home alone by ivvy million