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Modern AU where Feliciano livestreams himself painting and chatting cheerfully during his free time, and Ludwig lives in the apartment next door and is stuck perpetually wondering who the heck his neighbor is always talking to

Is he crazy? Is there a ghost? What is going on???

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How would Ludwig and Alfred react to reading nsfw and sfw GerAme fics?

Germany: What in the fresh hell is this? Ludwig will be mortified! at least at the nsfw ones. He just can’t believe someone would write this? The sfw ones were actually really sweet. He wouldn’t mind reading them again…ok and maybe a few nsfw ones as well…

America: Whoa! Who made this stuff? Don’t get me wrong, it’s good, but the nsfw ones are a bit much. I kinda don’t want anyone imagining me in bed. seems kinda wrong…if he imagined me though….that’s kinda hot. Alfred is conflicted. He likes them, but is embarrassed by them. He doesn’t want the whole world to read these, but if a certain someone did, will that’s a different story.

The rise of East Germany (p/1)

Came home late in the evening and while I was showering I finally wanted to answer my question: “How can it be that Prussia, a country that doesn’t have anything to do with East Germany, became East Germany?”, and here’s my rushed explanation. It says “part 1″ in the title because I’ll maybe make more comics for that theme of the rise of East Germany and undergoing Russia’s rule

I’m still disappointed at how ugly these panels turned out. Just earlier that day I was at the peak of my artistic abilities

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What would the tsundere 1ps do when they always denied they were in love with the s/o And then the s/o moved one And has a crush on someone else?

1p America , 1p England , 1p S.italy , 1p China - *regrets it now and will be sad for a few days*

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1p Canada , 1p Italy , 1p Spain -

*act normal as usual around people but low key cries in their room during the days*

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1p France & 1p Prussia - *drinks their pain away but it doesn’t help inside , it will take a week or few days to get over*

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1p Japan & 1p Germany - *deals with it but inside they do regret and it will take a while to get over*

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1p Russia -

Ivan will want to be alone for awhile , he wouldn’t do much and it would get worse for him because he’s usually in a better mood. (I can see it turn Yandere for him)

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Initially inspired by that time I was in the Netherlands and paid attention to the language for the first time and lost my mind because I thought the posters at stores were talking about death. Compounded by hanging out one time with a French person and a Dutch person.
Germany’s most famous poet wrote a poem about the skull of his dead best friend that he stole btw.