germany's face

Hetalia characters as things my friends and I have said
  • Aph Denmark (falling out of an IKEA loft bed at 5am): fuck IKEA furniture!
  • Aph Sweden: danish is a useless language for useless people
  • Aph Norway: fuck off, I'm rich
  • Aph Finland: leave me alone or I'll shove a Christmas tree up your ass
  • Aph Iceland: Norway is Nor-gay for Denmark... And Sweden but we won't get into that
  • Aph Germany: do dogs have souls?
  • Aph North Italy: I swear I'm not drunk, but have you ever thought of putting spaghetti on pizza?
  • Aph Russia: welcome to Russia! We have candy!...and communism!
  • Aph France: are French fries even French?
  • Aph America: the only thing straight about me is my hair
  • Aph Canada: I'm sorry that I'm sorry for being sorry

My very first cosplay as Sun Wukong from RWBY at Comic Con Germany. Had a lot of fun there. And I actually met some super nice RWBY cosplayers.

Thank you @asami-snazz for getting me into cosplay and RWBY in the first place. Your posts really inspired me to join this madness.

1st photograph from a frind.

2nd and 3rd photograph: Peggo Taco der III

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Are Lutz and you trying to avoid having children, or are you considering the fact to found a family together one day? I'm pretty sure that the two of you would be great parents and have pretty kids! (人´∀`).☆.。.:*・°


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2p! FACE and 2p!Germay's reactions to their s/o being really short and cant reach something they want (book, pancake mix whateves) but refuses help and gets so frustrated with their height the shout "CURSE MY INFERNAL SHORTNESS!"

2p!France/Francois Bonnefoy- He won’t seem to react much but internally he is chuckling. It’s a strange but…funny thing to hear from a pipsqueak…also quietly brings you a stepladder. 

2p!America/Allen Jones- Loses. His. Shit. It is too funny that one, you can’t reach whatever it is. And two, what you just yelled.

2p!Canada/Matthew Williams- He just picks you up by your waist and helps. It’s cute when you get all frustrated. 

2p!England/Oliver Kirkland- Not being the tallest himself he’ll understand the struggle and help you get the item. Although he does like how you phrased that. 

2p!Germany/Lutz Beilschmidt- Has a good laugh out of this before helping, provided you don’t swat him away for having laughed at you in the first place. 

  • America: *asleep, phone rings, answers* You say you fighting the patriarchy? I'm on my way! *grabs a sword*
  • Canada: *reading, phone rings, answers* THE FUCK DID YOU SAY THE PATRIARCHY WAS UP TO? I'M ON MY WAY! *grabs a sword and shield*
  • Germany and Prussia: *reading, phone rings*
  • Germany: Who is this how did you get this numb- THE PATRIARCHY IS DOING WHAT! *grabs some sunglasses, a sword and a knife*
  • Prussia: SAVE SOME PATRIARCH BLOOD FOR US! *grabs some funny sunglasses, a crossbow, and Austria's violin*
  • Australia: *lying in bed, answers phone* Hello. Patriarchy, WHAT?! *stands up on bed* AW HELL NO *grabs two swords from nowhere*
  • England: Jolly bit of tea. *phone rings, answers* THE PATRIARCHY DOING WHAT!? Those bloody wankers! Looks like tea time will have to wait. It's a jolly good thing I kept my old equipment... *puts on his uniform, grabs two guns and a long knife* All right old chaps, I'm on my way! Tally-ho!