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April 24th

Today is a day of mourning and remembrance that you might not be aware of. April 24th marks Yom Hashoah - a Jewish day of remembrance for the Holocaust - and it is also the Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day. In the 1910’s, almost 1.5 million Armenians (about 98% of them Christian) were rounded up and slaughtered by the hands of the Ottoman Empire in the name of Islam and for absolute control. Then, in the 1930’s-1940’s, the Nazi party (helmed by the infamous Adolf Hitler) in an attempt to exercise complete control over Germany and Europe through “National Socialism,” captured and imprisoned and murdered upwards of six million Jews.

Seven and a half million people, systematically killed at the hands of an oppressive government in the name of power, within the past 100 years.

Let us remember them all and never forget that evil truly does exist in the world, and that “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” - Edmund Burke.


Havdalah spice container, Germany, late 19th Century.

During Havdalah, a Jewish religious service commemorating the end of Shabbat, the use of all five senses is intended—tasting the wine, smelling the spices, seeing the flame of the candle and feeling its heat, and hearing the blessings. Fragrant cloves, cinnamon, or myrtle leaves are held in artistically decorative spice containers with elaborate metalwork, usually made of tin and silver, and often in the form of towers stylistically influenced by local architecture. 

Photo: Map of Poland before 1939

■ World War II is a sensitive subject in Poland, for good reason. They’ve gotten a bad reputation as somehow being involved or responsible for the concentration camps. The truth:

■ Over 50,000+ Polish people gave their lives to save the lives of over 450,000+ Jewish people. More than any other country. Poland is also the highest number of people honored by the Riteous Among Nations.
Out of the 11 million killed in concentration camps, 6 million were Polish.
The reason Poland was even chosen in the first place for the concentration camps was because Poland was the most religiously tolerant in Europe, and thus had the highest number of Jewish people.
The concentration camps were German/Nazi. There was not a ‘Polish Concentration Camp’.

■ Propaganda in the aftermath of the war created the myth. Poland was the only country the Germans enforced the death penalty for aiding a Jew. Not just death for them, but their entire family. Yet still thousands of Polish helped.

Since 1953, the German government has been paying (a changing amount that currently stands on) a several million dollar settlement to Israeli holocaust survivors, through the Israeli government. Holocaust survivors suffer many physical and mental health issues, which of course only increase, as their ages average near 80 now a days. Currently, a third of Jewish holocaust survivors are living in a state of poverty.

A few years ago, a huge scandal broke out around the discovery that the Israeli government had been stealing from this settlement money for an undetermined amount of time. In the year 2007, it was estimated that a full half of the settlement money was being stolen. The German government and Israeli holocaust survivors were never properly compensated.

These people’s lives are such a tragic series of lessons on what the government’s real nature is. Let this be a lesson that you take away from this horrifying event. Please.

anonymous asked:

I tend to see you as a morally ok person who knows what you're saying when it comes to serious matters, so I have a question about punching Nazis. What if a child says antisemitic things they hear from their parents?? Would you still punch the child like you've said you would?? And when people on Twitter give out the addresses of racists to be hurt or even killed, do you realize that man (in most cases it's a man) has a family that would be ruined by him dying? Killing a man because of (1/2)

(because of something he said could leave a child/children fatherless? A wife turned into a widow?? I’m all for POC being treated equally, but I’m scared for all the families that will be ruined if the movement continues in the way it has been going. (2/2) (sorry for the 2 part ask, it wouldn’t all fit in 1))

Hey friend, I figure you didn’t mean to put part two off anon so I won’t post part 2 separately. I don’t want you running into any trouble for asking a simple question. 

I’m glad you felt comfortable asking me. But to answer your question I’m gonna tell you a story I grew up with. 

When my Oma (Grandmother, the non-Jewish side) was a kid in Nazi Germany their teacher tried to recruit them into the Hitler youth. Well my Opa (their father) was a smart man, and they had been making good ties with American solders coming over for food and shelter. So it wasn’t hard for him to call in a little favor. 

They didn’t go punching the Nazi youth or anything like that. Cause they weren’t the problem. Like you said, children are impressionable. They pick up stuff from their folks. 

The problem here was their teacher. So, the American solders my Opa had made friends with went around to the teacher’s house in the wee hours of the night. Abducted the Nazi, tied him to a tree, and aimed their guns at his sleep wear laden body. They told the guy if he didn’t back off from recruiting kids into the Nazi youth, they’d know, they’d come back, and they’d finish what they started. 

He didn’t bother them again. 

This teacher may have had kids, family, the works. But he stopped threatening other people’s families and kids with his horrendous ideology. The ideology that killed my family and their kids. Some only toddlers mind you. 

I’d still have some of those family members around if people had silenced more Nazis. So forgive me if I don’t leap to their defense. Because threats worked in the past. And frankly it saves peoples lives.  

So yes, punch um. Silence Nazi voices whenever possible. Thats my stance. 

Spicer: Hitler ‘didn’t even sink to using chemical weapons,’ although he sent Jews to ‘the Holocaust center’
Spicer was given the opportunity to clarify his comment, which only complicated things.

The ignorance in this administration is frightening!