germany girl


This is the “Women March against repression” in my country(Venezuela)
We are marching for our rights,for our freedom of choice and speech.
We want our constitution be respect.
We march because we are tired of this communist regimen.
We march because we are tired of being humiliated for a bag of food(when you can find food).
Because in order to buy contraceptives or treatments for cancer you have to look for them on the black market.(Well any medicine,because the most basic medicine is really hard to find).
We march because we do not have security(Look at the murder rate of Venezuela).
We march for all those heroes(female and male)that this regime has murdered.(Look at the recent news about Venezuela).
Today we are grandmothers, sisters, daughters, granddaughters, wives, mothers, housewives, professionals, united against oppression.
This is how true feminism looks like.