anonymous asked:

How many hours do the Nordics, Romano, Spain, Italy and Canada sleep at night?

Denmark: A solid eight every night

Norway: Between six to nine hours depending on what he has in store for the next day.

Iceland: About five hours the first time, up for an hour, then another three. What he does during that hour is a mystery, though.

Sweden: Either a fitful four hours or a straight ten with minimal movement.

Finland: Seven and half hours, no more, no less. He knows when to go to bed to wake up on time, too.

Romano: It depends on when he goes to bed/sleep because he always wakes up at 6:42 in the morning.

Spain: One a good night he can last with five hours so that’s his average.

Italy: About ten hours if Germanly lets him

Canada: About eight hours on average. He likes to get up before the sun so it might be less.