I always feel so awkward when someone I hardly know unloads all of their incredibly personal problems on me and I just don’t know how to respond at all

the no lyrics part of ‘gaston’ makes me want to dance but listen

I don’t dance. I’ve never danced once in my life. do you see my problem

So i’m making this official.

This and all my walking dead blogs are on hiatus

Things have just gotten too toxic for me to enjoy being around here. I tried coming back around the other night and the idea of actually being here made me extremely upset. I’m not abandoning any of my blogs, I will be coming back eventually and all my muses will be avalible for, dis.cord, or k.i.k private rps for mutuals, but to be honest? I just don’t feel comfortable here any more.

Thank you guys so much for all the fun, and I hope you stick around for when I do eventually come back to revamp this blog (Lucille is too much of a babe to quit completely.). 

I love you guys, and thank you for being here.

would you defend an ex fascist gone teacher irl who abused his job position to bully the students he’s responsible for and outed a hiv positive man to the world causing him to be unemployed for the rest of his life because he was in unrequited love with a girl who died as a victim of his fascist friends? just wondering


Rainbow highschool CocoPapi  (*´▽`*)
I can’t wait for tonight episode of FliFla………

Oh wait……it’s over  (。•́‿•̀。) 

Edit: Added the single color versions   ☆⌒(≧▽​° ) this post is so colorful


and this is only 1/3 of the things they have achieved in over eight months. :’) they worked hard, squeezing in broadcasts on vapp and worrying about fans in between everything they did. they love their fans more than anything, making every concept about their fans. i’m not pushing you to vote for astro because you should always follow your heart and vote for the group in it. but if you don’t have a favorite in the mama 2016 vote for best new male artist, i’m just asking you to maybe think about voting for astro. thank you for your consideration.^^ - your friendly aroha next door


                                                                 are you with me?

                                                                      all the way.