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We love it when people turn urban repairs awesome art projects. Previously we’ve seen mosaic tiles used to patch potholes in Chicago and old books used to fix broken pillars on a library in Russia. Berlin, Germany-based artist Jan Vormann uses LEGO bricks to make colorful patches to repair holes in landmarks and other historical buildings. Vormann usually seeks out buildings damaged during wartime in effort to draw attention to their historical significance while also cheering up the urban landscape with his brightly colored “patchworks.”

“I don’t want to add visually dark and heavy objects. My idea to use these plastic construction bricks was to add a kind of colorful part of contemporary times; a material that everybody worldwide has the same feeling on it, he says. “For me, it’s a kind of a hopeful thing to see that we share this common culture.”

Visit Jan Vormann’s website to check out more of his LEGO urban interventions.

[via Hi-Fructose]