Wiesbaden at night, still worth a visit. The Hessian city, once a Roman bath resort, (re)built at the end of the XIX century by the German emperors as summer residence some say to impress the Russian elite eager to squander their money at the then-fashionable casino, managed somehow to get mostly untouched through world war bombings or modern times re-architecting. Too bad I only had time for a short evening walk around the hotel and main station, but even that was an enjoyable experience, walking almost alone among old buildings and the orange sodium lights. Back at the hotel I didn’t feel like staying in the lobby so I had my evening beer in front of the Champions League matches of the day, a nice kölsch from Gaffel - thick and smooth, with those yeasts oiling up your tongue and almost masking a candy sweetness I’m not very fond of… either way, Köln makes solid beers. And Wiesbaden deserves also a day visit, some day.

“I’ve also seen that same farmer using an iPhone and eating food with garlic in it, so I reckon they can all go to hell. There ought to be a law.”