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Song: Tove Lo - Habits (Stay High)

Pairing: Jasmin x Anni, Hollstein, Reamy, Calzona, Pipex, Sophie x Sian, Paily, Astrid x Vivian, Astrid x Carey, Valkubus, Giani, Nico x Ivy, Otalia, Doccubus, Gail x Holly, Karmy, Lara x Ani, Clara x Marina, Cophine

Vidder: Succubus

Vidder Notes:

Fav lesbian ships put into one.
Use HD for best quality.

ships & shows:
0:00 - 0:08 : Jasmin & Anni : Gute Zeiten Schlechte Zeiten (german soap opera)
0:11 - 0:18 : Carmilla & Laura: Carmilla (web series on youtube)
0:19 - 0:28 : Amy & Reagan: Faking It (MTV Season 2)
0:29 - 0:44 : Callie & Arizona: Grey’s Anatomy
0:46 - 0:58 : Piper and Alex: Orange is The New Black ( Netflix)
0:59 - 1:08 : Sophie & Sian: Corronation Street (check out sophiesianchannel on youtube)
1:10 - 1:18 : Emily & Paige : Pretty Little Liars
1:19 - 1:29 : Astrid & Vivian : Anyone but me (web series on youtube)
1:30 - 1:43 : Astrid & Carey : Anyone but me ( web series on youtube)
1:45 - 2:01 : Tamsin & Bo : Lost Girl ( showcase )
2:03 - 2:13 : Gina and Ani, Nico & Ivy, Otalia : Venice The Series (web series on youtube); The Grove (webseries); Guiding Light (soap, check out Otalia channel for more)
2:15 - 2:25 : Bo & Lauren : Lost Girl (showcase)
2:27 - 2:40 : Gail & Holly : Rookie Blue
2:39 - 2:44 : Amy & Karma : Faking It (MTV)
2:45 - 2:53 : Lara & Ani: Venice the Series (web series on youtube)
2:54 - 3:10 : Clara & Marina: Em Famila (brasilian telenovela, check out CLARINA tag on for episodes)
3:12 - 3:25 : Cosima & Delphine : Orphan Black

Imagine... You And Peter Stay Up To Watch Kurt's German Soap Opera's As He Is Your Roommate

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Tv: Danke Gott. Sie sind nach all dieser Zeit in Ordnung. Ich habe vergessen, Ihnen zu sagen, wie sehr ich dich liebe. (Thank god. You’re alright after all this time. I forgot to tell you how much I love you.)

(Y/N): How many times is she going to say that?

Peter: That’s like the fifth time she’s said I love you. 

Kurt: Shh. Ve’re almost to ze best part.

Tv: Dank fur mir sagen. (Thanks for telling me.)

Peter and (Y/N): *Groaning.

*German from Google Translates. 

translation #04

Episodes 5303-5304 (08,09-08-2013)

1st Scene [0:00]

[Anni/Pia sex scene. John watches part of it. No dialogue.]

2nd Scene [0:37]

[Pia wakes up, Anni leaves the room while Pia pretends to be asleep.]


Pia: Perfect…

3rd Scene [1:36]

Philipp (on the phone): Of course I miss you both. But honestly, I’m also happy that I can sleep a little longer. [He sees John] Honey, I have to hang up now. Give my regards to your family.

Philipp: And? Did you talk with Pia?

John: Pfff…

Philipp: Okay. What did she say?

John: Said? Nothing.

I caught her.

Philipp: What?

John: In bed with another woman.

Philipp: You aren’t serious?!

Oh shit!

John: I shouldn’t have listened to you. I knew that Pia and I are over.

The coffee is so bad.

4th Scene [2:38]

Jasmin: Good Morning.

Pia: Morning.

Jasmin: Did you sleep in Anni’s room?

Pia: Yes… We… had a little too much alcohol.

Jasmin: “a little too much” is an understatement, if you couldn’t even walk to your room.

Pia: Yeah, I crashed.

Jasmin: Coffee?

Pia: And then I ended up in bed with her.

Jasmin: Eh, what?

Pia: Yes.

Jasmin: Wait a moment… Anni? … and you? … No…

Pia: I was so down because of John. … Yes, I know, that’s not good enough a reason but … It just happened somehow.

5th Scene [4:04]

Philipp: Bolle [the dog] and I were thinking again. That thing with Pia and that woman, that’s totally shit but I don’t think it meant something to her. You know how Pia is. … Or are you mad because it is a woman because of Paula back then?

John: What? No, … man, woman, transsexual – it doesn’t matter to me. The point is, she comes to me and cries about those big feelings she has for me and then this happens? She’s known this Anni for just a few days.

Philipp: You’ve known Elena for just a few days too and you smooched with her on the party.

John: Yes, but we just kissed. The thing with Anni and Pia was way more.

Philipp: With you and Elena would have happened more too if Pia didn’t walk in on you. Maybe she just wanted to comfort herself because she saw you and Elena making out.

John: And now it’s my fault, is it?

Philipp: No, that’s not what I’m saying. John, you two still love each other. With you, I’m totally sure and with her too.

6th Scene [5:08]

Pia: Thanks.

Jasmin: It helps with the hangover.

Pia: It’s not so much about the alcohol.

Jasmin: Why didn’t you tell me about John and Elena at the party?

Pia: I already whined about it with the guys and Anni took my mind off it very well.

Jasmin: One could say that.

I think that’s absolutely heavy.

Pia: What?

Jasmin: You suffer like a dog and she takes advantage of it.

Pia: No, it wasn’t that way. I started it.

Jasmin: Okay. Will this be like a WG-affair?

Pia: It was just a slip-up. … I love John, okay?

Jasmin: And Anni? I mean, I don’t want this to get such a drama like it was with Tuner and Emily back then.

Pia: You think she wants more?

Jasmin: I… I don’t know.

Pia: No, I don’t think so. We’ve known each other for just a few days and she said that she isn’t interested in relationships.

Jasmin: Talk is cheap.

Pia: Oh no, please don’t say that.

7th Scene [6:20]

John (on the phone): You can’t do the sound-check? Your flight?

[People talking about John and Elena making out at the party.]


Leon: So, apparently I missed some things at the party?

John: I am single. Pia is single. Okay?

Elena: Hello.

Leon: Hey Elena.

So, what’s going on between you and her?

John: I don’t know. The roadies are stuck at the airport. I have to prepare the stage.

8th Scene [7:09]

Pia: Never again.

Tuner: What’s the matter? It was an amazing evening.

Pia: What do you mean?

Tuner: Can I dance with you?

Dominik: Are you hitting on Pia?

Tuner: Yes, I’m trying. You didn’t know that she is a lesbian, did you?

Dominik: We had such a hard time with Anni yesterday, no chance. But she worked very well.

Tuner: Yes.

Anni: Hey guys. [to Pia] Hey doll.

Pia: Hey.

Anni: And? How about it?

Tuner: You’re hired.

Anni: That’s what I wanted to hear.

Dominik: You can work a shift with Pia right now.

Anni: Cool. My favourite co-worker.

Dominik: Let’s check the schedule.

Anni: Yeah sure, …

Tuner: “Doll.” I think she likes you.

9th Scene [7:51]

Pia (on the phone): Yes, exactly, mobile toilets. But your boss promised to send me a calculation days ago. … Mauerflower. She knows the details. … Hello? [hangs up] Stupid cow.

[Anni looks at her.]

Pia: I didn’t mean you.

Anni: That would have surprised me. Hey, are we going to the cinema this evening? There is this action-western…

Pia: Anni, that doesn’t work.

Anni: Okay. Then maybe another time.

Pia: No. I mean – this with us. It was really nice … I love John.

Anni: You aren’t interested in me. That’s okay. I wouldn’t mind doing it again but if it doesn’t happen it doesn’t happen.

Pia: Seriously?

Anni: Yes. I didn’t think that I would get the proposal from you.

[ John’s flashback

John: I love you. Do you want to marry me?

Pia runs away.

Pia: I love you. But I love Leon too. ]

10th Scene [9:45]

John: Armin? Can you get two crates of beer, please?

Armin: Of course.

Elena: Do you want to fire me?

John: What? No. Then I would have to fire myself. … Listen, I wanted to say sorry because of yesterday, it was a bad situation.

Elena: It’s okay.

11th Scene [10:18]

Jasmin: What do you think? The one with the skirt or the dress for the opening credits?

Pia: The one with the skirt.

Jasmin: Sure?

Pia: Yes.

Jasmin: Okay.

Pia: By the way, Anni and I talked. She isn’t interested in me. Between us is everything alright.

Jasmin: Good.

Kurt: And John? Did he find you?

Pia: Why John?

Kurt: You just talked about… It wasn’t about John? I thought because he was here.

Pia: What? John was here? When?

Kurt: This morning. Quite early.

Pia: What??? Did he… Did he find me?

Kurt: You are asking me?

Pia: Oh no! What if he saw Anni and I?

12th Scene [11:10]

John: You don’t have to worry about Pia. She has found someone new.

Elena: I’m sorry about that.

John: What? No… That’s , … that’s fine. Now everything is clear.

Elena: And you?

John: I’m finally finished with her. Ready for something new.

13th Scene [11:40]

Anni: Come on. Your ex didn’t see us, I’m sure.

Pia: And if he did?

Anni: Then you had some fun with a woman. Most of the guys think it’s hot anyway.

Pia: But not John. He was married and his wife fell for a girlfriend.

Anni: Ouch.

Pia: Yes.

Anni: But, doll, John did make out with someone else too at the party.

Pia: Yes, I know, but… How can he believe me that I love just him when I sleep with you?

Anni: He seems to be quite the complicated guy. Are you sure you want him back? … I can talk to him if you want? I can tell him that it was just sex between us. I mean, just if he saw something that he shouldn’t have seen?

Pia: Anni, I’m serious.

Anni: Okay, then, seriously. We were in my room. Why should he have looked in there?

Pia: You’re right. Unless we were too loud.

[Anni sees John]

Anni: Well, then just ask him why he was in the apartment this morning.

Pia: And after that?

Anni: Well, then you will see with his reaction if he saw something or not.

14th Scene [12:50]

Pia: Hey.

John: Hello.

Pia: I heard you came over to see me… this morning. Yeah, I. … I wasn’t there, so what did you want?

John: Doesn’t matter anymore.

Pia: Really?

John: Yes. What do you think?

Leon: John, they called. The audio engineer can’t make it until this evening.

John: What? I thought they got a rental car.

Leon: Yeah, somehow there is a full closure on the highway.

John: That’s just great!

Pia: I know someone who could help out.

Leon: Professional?

Pia: Sure.

Leon: Okay, then get him.

Pia: Okay.

15th Scene [13:40]

Anni: Well, I didn’t finish the education yet but this isn’t the Olympic stadium. That doesn’t mean the club is small, I really like it and I already worked in a lot of such clubs, okay, not a lot, but …

Pia: That’s great, isn’t it?

John: Yeah. The mixing desk is at the back. Take a look at it and if you have questions…

Anni: Okay. … [to Pia] He wasn’t overwhelmed.

Pia: He is always totally stressed out before a concert.

Anni: That’s something I know.

Pia: Hey. You’ll do it.

Anni: Okay. Then I’ll take a look at the mixing desk.

Pia: Yeah, do this.

16th Scene [14:29]

John: Good evening, Berlin! “Großstadtgeflüster”!


Waitress #1: I thought there could be something between John and Elena.

Waitress #2: I think this was just a drunk evening.


Pia: Can I get another one?

John: Yeah, I’ll make one for you.

Here you go.

Pia: Thanks. The band is really good.


John: I was thinking. About your job. I can’t keep you here.

Elena: What?

John: Yes. You’re too good. You’re going to frustrate the others.


John: And I want to go out with you and if I have to fire you to do this, I’ll do it.

Elena: I have to think about this.

17th Scene [18:32]

Pia (on the phone): That’s your chance to show your logo not only at a construction site but at one of the most popular events in Berlin. … Yes, I understand but at this price I can get several other companies. … Okay, that sounds really good. So, we’re taking 30 mobile toilets. … Great! Please send me the calculation, okay? … Okay, then until then. Bye. … Yes! [to Anni] That’s so crazy. Even the mobile toilets companies need a cool image. But it’s clear. Who uses a public toilet needs to trust them.

Anni: Can we talk about that after the coffee?

Pia: Sure, sorry. It was getting late yesterday for you, hm?

Anni: Hm.

Pia: What did John say about your work? Was he happy?

Anni: Hm.

Pia: Really? Congratulations.

Anni: Thanks.

Pia: Did he say anything else?

Anni: Nothing. He gave me the money and thanked me.

Pia: Really?

Anni: Really. And to answer your real question – John and Elena worked totally normal together, no flirting, nothing.

Pia: Really?

Anni: Really. Can I wake up in peace now? … Thanks.

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GERMAN SOAPS DO IT BETTER… I’m just say'n! I’ve been up all night watching “Verbotene Liebe” which apparently means something like “Forbidden Love” here in the states.  It’s amazing!  It handles the relationship between my new favorite gay couple, Christian and Oliver, with dignity and realism.  Besides the fact that they are both smokin hot, I’m hooked.  Kudos to Thore Scholermann and Jo Weil who portray these characters!  Brilliant!  Check it our from the beginning.  The first part of the story arc can be found here and the most recent episodes here.