Leon Draisaitl - Responsibilities

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Word Count: 1582

Warnings: Drinking/Cursing

Part One / Part Two / Part Three / Part Four / Part Five / Part Six

Tonight, was another night being spent at another party with your boyfriend of two years. It’s where you met and where you spend the most time besides at home or at games. You didn’t mind it. With you guys being a young couple, this was your time to experiment and make stupid mistakes. Besides, you gladly went with him to make sure everyone else kept their eyes off of him. Giving them the ‘He’s off the market’ stare.

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in light of tonight’s Events who are the players that everyone thinks is attractive but you just dont see it

Leon Draisaitl - Responsibilities Part Two

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Word Count: 1506

Warnings: Cursing

Part One / Part Two / Part Three / Part Four / Part Five / Part Six

The following week was… well… not so fun, and that’s putting it lightly. The night you left you wound up in a grocery store parking lot. You sat and cried it out for a couple minutes before calling almost every contact in your phone. Unfortunately, half of your contacts were either teammates or their girlfriends, but there was a handful that weren’t.

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Chloe’s Letters Leaked

We already know that Max’s diary will be replaced with letters Chloe wrote to Max but were never sent because she gave up hope on ever being relevant to Max again.

In a let’s play of the recently released gameplay by a German let’s player, the journal pages were opened for a brief moment. They reveal the design of Chloe’s version of the journal - which is quite similiar to Max’s journal design featuring scribbles, stickers and such - as well as some of Chloe’s entries. Translations of the German texts below! 

“April 4th

Max, you know that I’m not going to school anymore? Like you’re not talking to me anymore?

Fun story: I couldn’t come up with any good excuses anymore, so… I just dropped it. I just stopped going there.

And it was alright. Noone said anything to me. Insane, isn’t it? It’s like I’m suddenly invincible. Maybe that’s the upside to be “the girl with the dead father”. Noone knows what to do with me, so everyone’s simply relieved if I stay home.

If I just had realized this earlier. Just think of all the wasted time at school.

P.S.: I was thinking of Pris from Blade Runner when I was jacking off. At first I thought of Deckard and how hot he is, but then Pris stole him the show. Anyway, probably doesn’t mean anything anyway. I think I only wanna have her bangs.

Chloe, the Electric Sheep