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Some facts on Eric Harris

  • Born on April 9th, 1981
  • He has an older brother named, Kevin
  • Eric was born in Witchita, Kansas
  • His dad was in the Air Force so they moved a lot
  • His family moved from New York to Colorado in 1993
  • Eric and Dylan met in middle school
  • Eric loved to play soccer
  • Ranch was Eric’s favorite dressing
  • He was a perfectionist
  • Eric accepted a promotion to shift manager at Blackjack’s 4 days before the shootings.
  • Eric was never told that he had been rejected by the Marine’s
  • His locker number was 624
  • He liked playing with fire
  • He had several AOL screennames and websites
  • He liked Industrial Rock, particularly German Industrial Rock
  • KMFDM was his favorite group
  • He called the band The Smashing Pumpkins, The Gnashing Bumpkins
  • He hated rap music
  • Eric would be 34 years old right now if he had lived
  • He was the short one of his group of friends. Eric was 5′8 and all of his friends were over 6ft.
  • Eric was NEVER diagnosed as a psychopath, no matter what Dave Cullen says.
  • He went to therapy for anger issue’s
  • He drove a Gray Honda Civic
  • He was teased for dressing “weird”
  • He loved his dog and sometimes let it sleep with him
  • Eric used to play roller hockey with one of his younger neighbor’s
  • Girls that dated Eric described him as weird, strange, and not very social

I tried to list some things that aren’t as well known, but he had such a short life, there really isn’t a whole lot to add :(

Leo leaves OOMPH!

After careful consideration, our longtime friend and colleague Leo has left his job as a drummer with OOMPH, in order to take on new musical challenges.

We wish him good luck and success, and above all hope that he will remain in the world of music for a lot longer!

We want to thank Leo for two decades of fun, 100% loyalty and reliability, and a lot of great humor.

Leo will play the upcoming festival in Kherson, Ukraine (on 09.01.2012).

Because Leo noticed us in time of his decision, we can assure you that the tour will go on as scheduled, of course! We have found in the meantime a replacement for Leo and in the next few days we will introduce our new drummer here.



German Goths are really hot

Bullets, Bombs and Bigotry
  • Bullets, Bombs and Bigotry

KMFDM - Bullets, Bombs & Bigotry

“One for hatred two for hell
Three for the lowest high that you sell
Gotta four for a try but don’t stop the lie
Five for the piss and poke in your eye
Six for the silver that you wrench
Seven for the gold that’ll never quench
Eight and nine for the thirsty fly
And ten for the one who drinks ‘til I die

I must receive and I’ll believe
Come on trust in me
With all my greed give to those in need
Come on lust with me
I will be true but still deceive
Come on lie with me
My little pill my guilty thrill
Come on die with me

Sin, sex, sodomy.
Time to end this parody.
Terror, torture, tyranny.
The carcass of democracy.
Power, pills, poverty.
Victors rewrite history.
Bullets, bombs & bigotry.
Brace yourself for World War Three.

This testament to the truest torture
Beg for release from the lie that I bought you
You started high your endings nigh
Get it hard for the lord of lard
I’m a vacuous and a callous whore
Bend right over and beg for more
A lie for a lie and a noose for a noose
Don’t complicate yourself with the truth

I’m designing I’m the master
Keep on waiting as I die of laughter
Get on down covered in fleas
I screw best in twos and threes
The teasing pleasing little thrill
The twisted knife that begs to kill
Wistful thinking and whiskey drinking
It all makes sense when your fists are thinking.”


Einstürzende Neubauten - Alphabet

Das ist Freiheit
  • Das ist Freiheit
  • Oomph!
  • Sperm

Oomph! - Das Ist Freiheit (That’s Freedom)

“Schlag mir ins Gesicht
Dafür küss’ ich dich.
Schlag mir ins Gesicht,
Für dich ist das Pflicht.
Schlag mir ins Gesicht,
Du berührst mich nicht.
Schlag mir ins Gesicht,
Aber zöger’ nicht

Das ist Freiheit
Das ist Freiheit

Schlag mir ins Gesicht,
Bis mein Kopf zerbricht.
Schlag mir ins Gesicht,
Mich zerbrichst du nicht.”


Oomph! - Wer Schön Sein Will Muss Leiden [German]


Project Pitchfork - Timekiller

“You need a timekiller and you don’t understand. I am like quicksand, lick it from my hand.”