GERMANY by felmo10Via Flickr: “The colour schemes of black-red-gold and black-white-red have played an important role in the history of Germany and have had various meanings. The colours of the modern flag are associated with the republican democracy formed after World War II, and represent German unity and freedom: not only the freedom of Germany, but also the personal freedom of the German people.”

Martin Schmitt as Eurosport's Expert for 4 Hills Tournament 

My wall photos: (Left to right) Jochen Peiper, Heinz von Westernhagen, Max Wünsche, Kurt Meyer, Joachim von Ribbentrop. The large photo above them all is Heinz and Rolf’s SS Graduation photo. <3

I mentioned in another post that I had the same flag in my room, so I wanted to toss this up there so provide some proof. Sorry, I only have my crappy cell phone to do photos with. :P

P.S: Shush! Yes it’s a hamtaro plushie! lol. I have a LOT more video game plushies, they’re just not on the bed for this picture.


In commemoration of the victims of the Berlin christmas market attack

Chancellor Angela Merkel, the mayor of Berlin Michael Müller and other high officials visited the site of the attack and layed flowers. Afterwards, a memorial service was held in the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church in the immediate vicinity of the attack.

The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin was illuminated in the colours of the German and Berlin flags.

The christmas markets in Berlin are closed, but remain open in the rest of Germany, albeit with increased security measures. In many places, the stalls show black ribbons. Flags will be at half-mast tomorrow.

Good news: 24 of the 49 injured have already left the hospitals.

The suspect who was arrested after the attack has been released. Suspicions that he could have been the driver could not be substantiated. The man, a 23 year-old refugee from Pakistan, has obviously nothing to do with the attack.