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Show class very high quality German shepherd pupps available
From pedigreed parents
Age if the pupp is about 3 months
Slant slope
Heavey bone structure
Smooth shiny coat
Price 65k
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Tallim and puppies
 Morning For Children For 2015: July 1

They experience: To you adopted?

In the Oktyabrsky zoo in the city of Sochi, Russia, one German shepherd dog called Tallim White had no problem taking the three cubs Bagira a female tiger left. The two males and one female were victims of neglect of his mother, who had already done that before.

Zoo keepers sought a tiger mom for adoption, but Tallim was commissioned. At first puppies do not take kindly to his adoptive mother, but Tallim won their trust with care and attention, without neglecting their own seven puppies. Tallim that adopted them despite not being like them, was a true act of love.

Actually, all adopted us God adopted us. First created us without us leave, we lost because of sin. But he was not satisfied with Glad we lost, but sent his only Son, Jesus, to die for us and we belonged again. Jesus paid the price for our adoption: that was his will.

Nobody left: you are doubly a child of God. First, because you created with his own hands; second, because you adopted even if your price was very high.

You away from God every time you sin should be unforgivable. However, God adopts you despite everything you do. It is a true act of love without measure.

“In love, we had intended to be adopted as his sons through Jesus Christ, to which we ordered, according to the kind determination of his will” (Ephesians 1: 4,5)
Taken from:
Devotional Readings for Children 2015
“Cool Science for every day”
By: Tello Ayala Yaqueline


Germany is currently suffering from a heat wave which comes directly from the Sahara. So the only place I wanted to be with my girls is the lake.

Corgis are indeed good swimmers despite those stubby legs :)

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3. What is your birthday?
December 24th ^^
4. What is your zodiac sign?
5. What is your favorite color?
Blue uwu (to be more specific, Aqua)
6. What’s your lucky number?
7 lol
7. Do you have any pets?
Yep a German shepherd named cally uwu
8. Where are you from?
California born and raised. Still currently live here too
9. How tall are you?
5'3 and ¾ or just 5'4" if we aren’t being super specific lol

Verse Idea: The Experiment

((In this verse there is an underground research team working on using various animal genetics to ‘improve’ the human race. Sera was one of their test subjects, and one of the more successful ones at that. Specifically, she has DNA from German Shepherds. (This particular breed was chosen for high intelligence and protectiveness. Basically, the group wanted someone who could guard their labs and whatnot once they grew up.) She has recently been deemed fit to release into the outside world to see how she interacts with normal people, with strict instructions to keep the group secret as their work isn’t exactly legal.

In terms of personality, this Sera would be relatively close to canon, but would be initially less trusting of people she doesn’t know. However, if you can get her to trust you, she will be VERY loyal. She would also feel the need to be doing something a lot of the time. After being temporarily released to interact with normal people, Sera would eventually find that she likes the outside world better and would start to dread the day when she would have to go back.

Appearance wise, this Sera would appear relatively normal on first glance. She does have a tail and ears, but she goes to great effort to hide those.

Traits she would have picked up from the German Shepherd genes besides appearance and personality wise include enhanced senses of hearing and smell.))

I don’t know if any of you have ever owned a 1 year old German shepherd, but they are fully grown yet still act like puppies. Like I just woke up to him jumping on top of me, pinning me down and licking my face to death. He’s a bit like Brick from Anchorman but in dog form hahaha