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So today, Sherry (she’s a professional breeder and trainer) - the lady we got Kyle off - came down to visit and brought the littermate she kept. So Kyle (Sable one) and his brother Blake (Black and Tan one) are reunited here. Excuse my awful Geordie accent and slang. 

Hopefully they get to play together some more another time, neither wanted to leave the other. <3 

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I just ate some cheese fries lmao. And that's sounds so good! My day has been okay. I didn't do much besides clean the house and play with my dog lol. Also I love you too!!! 💛💛 -fanboy

AAAAAA THATS SO CUTE !!!!! also you should eat more angel i hope you don’t get hungry !!! what kind of dog do you have ? i have 2 !! one husky & one tiny german shepherd 💌

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YO here we go. i've got a bunch: 5, 7, 13, 15, 20, 28, 43, 61, 81, 100 :)

5. What is your favorite color?


7. Do you have any pets?

Yes! Two lab/german shepherd mixed dogs. They are PRECIOUS!

13. What talents do you have?

Well, let’s see. I can sing, I can write stories (fanfiction, not original), I can act… I am killer at Star Wars trivia. No, really. I know my shit. I can create stuff (like cosplays and stuff). I can paint and draw selectively. I can annoy people with showtunes. I can lead a revolution. I can be an absolute fucking nerd. And YES that IS a talent, thank you very much. 

15. Favorite song?

Yikes. No idea. Maybe “Do You Hear the People Sing?”, or maybe “Seize the Day” or “Stronger” or “Play”… I don’t know. I also love “Drops of Jupiter”.

20. Are you religious?

As in, do I have a religion that I claim? Yes. I am a Christian of the United Methodist sort. Do I attend church? Nope. Haven’t been since Easter. But do I really believe? Yes. 

28. What type of music do you like?

Geez… so many music questions… Well, show tunes, soundtrack music (ie Star Wars, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Pirates of the Caribbean), a select amount of alternative music, DISNEY!!!!!, a little bit of everything tbh.

43. Can you do any other accents other than your own?

British, posh British, some Cockney… I can slip into a Scottish/Irish thing that I kinda made up sometimes… and a SORTA Newsies New York sorta thing… sometimes… I can also go overboard with a southern accent. Depends.

61. Do you sing to yourself?

Ummmm… hell YES I do! :) YOu could say I “hear the people sing…” XD The people being me, of course. I also sing to anyone who happens to be in my general vicinity at pretty much any given time! :) :) :) :) 

81. Can you roll your Rs?

Yes I can!

100. Color of your room?


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Isn't a czech shepherd just a german shepherd? (Just curious)

Yep :) it’s just referring to the dog’s linage within the breed. Same as when people say DDR/East GSD, AmShow, WGSL, WGWL, etc. and so on. Just a way to narrow down the origin.

I tag Canon as Czech Shepherd to make my personal tagging system easier. Using his name will yield all my photos (as I use a Canon camera) and “German Shepherd” will pull up any other GSDs I have photos of.

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Lemon + Banana

do you have any pets? what are their names? i do, he’s a german shepherd and his name is rocky

favorite horror movies? i love love LOVE freddie vs jason, all the michael myers films, and the wrong turn movies

send me a fruit

GUYS my new neighbors have a German shepherd and THREE lab mixes!!! I met the lady just now and she invited me inside and was super nice and down to earth and wants to be friends

adam feel asleep on the couch. i don’t like sleeping alone very much, but at least it’s less cramped. two six foot tall people, a jack russell terrier, and a one hundred pound german shepherd spanish mastiff mix all in a queen bed - it’s not as bad as it sounds, but it’s still not much wiggle room and weird positions.

he always falls asleep during movies. i tried to wake him and convince him to come sleep in our bed, so he won’t be sore from sleeping on the couch, but he’s a deep sleeper. he’s so active and has a physical job doing landscaping so he’s out like a light once he dozes off. most nights i take off his glasses and plug in his phone. it’s probably my favorite ritual, it’s so intimate.

we didn’t really spend time together because i am exhausted and a bit irritable and tender, and he wanted to watch this movie with tyler. i love my alone time so it’s not a big deal. we’re a good match because i don’t whine about all his activities, i don’t mind being alone, as long as he’s next to me when i go to bed. i don’t want to hold him back and i certainly don’t want to come along. i used to a lot. when we first started dating.

hard to believe we’ve been together for almost a year now, officially, publicly together. more like a year and a half together, but not public with it, exactly. it feels like so much longer, in s good way.

i love him so much, and you can tell by the way he looks at me and touches me he doesn’t love me less despite seeing the beast in me, the drunk in me. i don’t know why he loves me or anyone loves me at all but i am grateful for it.

i am so exhausted my eyes are hard to keep open. the siamese are in the basement for the night and my cat aggressive old lady tilly bee is on the prowl. we keep the siamese cats downstairs in the basement when we aren’t home or at night, because they apparently can be destructive, but i don’t think they are. tilly bee is really aggressive towards other cats so she needs to roam solo, and she gets plenty of time to do so. the spare room upstairs is just like my bedroom at my parents or my apartment before that - familiar, and a room to herself. spoiled, but i wouldn’t rehome the little lady who has been by my side for over a decade now, much too attached, i don’t trust people to understand what a unique cat she is and how picky she is. you can’t speak too loudly or be too animated, you have to pet her gently and a certain way, you have to be very gentle and respectful. i get so damn mad at my roomate for how he interacts with her and the others. he hasn’t the slightest idea how to be around animals. he just riles them up and makes them nervous. it’s fucking ridiculous.

anyway, tilly is out, the dogs are settling down, i did my nighttime skin routine and brushed, something i have been neglecting when drunk. i usually just use a makeup removal wipe and fall asleep without brushing, which is just so gross. going to have a bedtime cig and crash

looking forward to seeing my dad tomorrow although i tend to feel badly about how crass i am after seeing my parents. what a disappointment, though they very vocally disagree