Erik Durm Imagine for Fernanda (gatitoromo)

Prompt: Omg can I have an imagine were germany still has a monorchy and Erik durm Dallas in love with the princess but her older brother and don’t approve but the mom and 2 younger sisters do u can it like anon or use my name which is Fernanda 

Being a princess had it’s ups and it’s downs. On the bright side, there were so many people that looked up to you and you really had the power to do good. On the downside, however, the life that you lead was somewhat restricting. You had to follow certain behaviors. You had to act a certain way in front of people. You couldn’t seem to crass, you had to be ladylike, etc, etc.

Fernanda had no problem following most of these rules. There was one rule, however, that she did have an issue following. That rule, was the dating rule. Because she was someone who was considered royalty in Germany, many people believed that it would be best if she dated someone who was of a similar background to her. This fact, greatly disturbed her. She didn’t understand what the great deal was if she were to date somebody who was not of royal association. 

The only people who understood her when it came to simply wanting to date a normal person, not someone who was royalty, was her mother and two younger sisters. Her mother had loved a man but she was forced by her parents to marry Fernanda’s father. While her mother and Father were able to fall in love with one another as their marriage progressed, Fernanda’s mother still wished that her daughter would not have to make the same choices that she did. She wanted her daughter to be happy, no matter who she chose as her life partner.

As for Fernanda’s two younger sister’s, they supported their sister one hundred percent of the time. Both her younger sisters knew what it felt like to have that rule pushed upon them and they both disagreed with that rule like Fernanda. In their eyes, their sister would be doing nothing wrong if she ended up falling in love with someone who was not royalty.

That is exactly what ended up happening. Fernanda ended up falling in love with someone who she knew that some members, specifically her elder brother, would have a problem with accepting. She and Erik had met when Fernanda and one of her friends had gone to see Dortmund play against Schalke. Her friend had convinced her to go and because she was of royalty, it became a huge event. She had met many of the players prior to the game and even taken pictures in order to attract the press. 

It was when she was meeting many of the players that she had met Erik. She had liked him from the start. What was not to like. Not only was he very handsome, more so than some of the people her brothers had tried to set her up with, but he was also a very skill full player. He often told her that she was his good luck charm because whenever she went to a game, Dortmund always won. 

The two of them had been secretly dating for about two years now. The only reason that they had decided to keep it a secret was because they knew that her brother would never agree to letting her date Erik. In her brother’s opinion, Erik would not be good enough for his little sister. He would not be able to take care of and meet the demands that would be needed to keep Fernanda happy. Those demands, according to her brother, could only be met by another person who would be of a higher class than Erik.

After two years of dating, however, Erik and Fernanda both wanted to come clean about their relationship. They were tired of having to hide the fact that they loved one another. Fernanda knew, however, that before letting the press know that her and Erik were together, it would be best to let her family know first. That is why, she had asked Erik to go with her to one one of her family dinners. She had told her family that she was bringing a friend over. It was during this dinner, that she would tell her family that she and Erik were dating one another.


The night of the dinner had finally arrived and you and Erik stood outside your house, well mansion was more like it. You could tell Erik was nervous. You took his hands into yours and squeezed it. He looked over at you and nervously smiled. “Relax, everything will go fine. They are just my family. I promise, I’ll be with you the whole time.” He squeezed your hand back and turned around to face you. “You know what, the fact that you’re a princess never really hit me until now, you act so normal, but seeing you call this place your home, makes it all so real.”

You laughed and walked into the house, with Erik behind you. Your family were already in the dinning room. You greeted your family and introduced Erik. Once all of the introductions were done, you and Erik took a seat next to each other. The dinner went by fairly enjoyably. Your mother and sisters kept asking Erik questions. Your youngest sister was a big fan of Borussia Dortmund so she asked him quite a lot of questions. He was happy to answer all of them.

You relished in the nice atmosphere of the dinner. You knew that after dinner the atmosphere would most likely change. Your brother may seem to be alright with Erik at the moment but the minute that you said you were dating him, your brother would completely change. After putting it off for as long as you could, you reached over to reach for Erik hand. You lightly squeezed it trying to gain courage. Erik squeezed it back letting you know that he supported you one hundred percent.

The little exchange between the two of you did not go unnoticed by your brother. You could literally see his face fall. He was no longer smiling. Instead of the smile on his face, he looked livid. You knew that things were about to get real bad, real fast. Taking charge of the situation, you stood up and cleared your throat. “I had something that I wished to inform all of you about. I have told all of you that me and Erik were friends, however, the two of us are more than simply friends, the two of us have been dating for the past two years.”

You didn’t think your brother could look any more madder, but you had been wrong. Apparently, he could. He slammed his fist down on the table. It was apparent that he was about to flip. Your mother and sisters, on the other hand, all seemed to be wearing smiling faces. “Congratulations.” It was your mother who spoke first. You were just about to thank her when your brother spoke up ruining the moment. “What are you congratulating her for mother? She has broken a rule. Fernanda, you know how I feel about you dating someone like him." 

You knew that your brother would react like that. You had been fully prepared for it. "Someone like him? Brother, Erik is one of the nicest people that I have met and I love him. I know that you disapprove of us but quite frankly, I did not tell all of you in order to gain your approval. I do not care whether you approve or not. Either ways, I will continue to date Erik. The only reason I wanted to tell you was because I wanted to let you guys know before we release the information to the press. I didn’t want you to be too shocked when that happens." 

Your brother looked like he had been about to ague when your mother cut him off. "Enough, both of you.” Turning to your brother, she decided to address him first. “I will not allow you to stand in the way of your sister’s happiness. As long as I am alive, I am the head of the household and if I have no problem with the two of them, then neither should you.” After dealing with your brother, she turned around to face you. “Congratulations once more. I am happy that the two of you decided to tell us before we found out from the press. Now, I say that all of us continue to have a pleasant evening.”

That was that really. Once your mother had spoken, no one could refute her. Your brother ate the rest of his meal, in silence and left once he had finished. Once you and Erik had finished the meal, you walked him to his car. “Well, aren’t you glad that we got that over with.” He turned around before getting in his car and placed a small kiss on your forehead. “Yup. Now we no longer have hide the fact that we love one another.” You smiled as you watched him drive away. Tomorrow, the two of you were releasing it to the press that you two were together. You were glad that most, even if it wasn’t all, of your family was happy with you and Erik. It made you believe that things between you to might just work out.

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