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Sherlock - The German voices

Soo… When I really like a show or movie, I always research the German voice actors. Thought I’d share what I found out about the German Sherlock cast. (I’ll only post a few, otherwise this post would contain too many pics :D)

Soo… This is Sherlock Holmes and his actor is Benadryl Cucumberpatch:

His German voice actor is Tommy Morgenstern, who is also:

Oh, okay… Moving onto John “Three Continents” Watson, portrayed by Martin Freeman:

Voiced by Sebastian Schulz, aka:

And here’s Molly Hooper/Louise Brealey:

Julia Kaufmann lent her her voice:

Rupert Graves is the actor of DI Lestrade:

Ahem. Yes, that was necessary. Frank Röth is voicing him:

Mycroft Holmes, portrayed by Godtiss:

Thomas Nero Wolff does the German voice:

And the lovely Lara Pulver aka Irene Adler, professionally known as “The Woman”

Her voice is done by Vera Teltz; she’s also:

And finally, here’s the Napoleon of crime, Jim Moriarty. His actor is Andrew Scott:

Oh, this is my absolute favourite!! :D His German voice actor is Marius Clarén: