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Name: Fabio
Age: 17
Country: Austria

Hey there! My name is Fabio, I’m 17 (18 on March 25th 2018) I’m currently a bit lonely and it’ll be super nice to have a penpal to talk with. I don’t care if you have different hobbies or interests, I just want to try out something new.

Some stuff about myself:

x I’m from West-Austria, which means that I live 15 minutes next to Switzerland and Germany and two hours from Italy (I love traveling a lot btw (๑>ᴗ<๑)

x I really love learning languages (I speak English, German and a bit Spanish and Romanian), because it just fascinates me and I have no idea why.

x Reading books. If you like reading too, we could change some book recommendations if you want. I read German and English books, especially Fantasy, Thriller and YA-novels.

x The series I’m watching currently is called 13 Reasons Why and I’ll start watching Narcos and Game of Thrones soon. Oh, and I really like to watch movies.

x My music taste contains almost everything - from Reggaeton (Spanish music) to electronic music, Lo-Fi HipHop and chill music in general! I know, I listen to a lot of stuff but actually I listen to everything I want, the genres just vary a lot.

That’s pretty much it hahah I hope I didn’t write too much

Preferences: Ages preferably 15-18, any gender, country, religion and sexuality. Please no anti-LGBTs or racists or assholes in general ;)

Hollywood’s Next Big Thing: ‘Dunkirk’ Star Fionn Whitehead Goes From London Barista to Leading Actor

Fionn Whitehead had no idea what the part was. “All people knew was that there was a group of boys auditioning,” says Fionn (pronounced “fin”). “We didn’t know how many parts there were, how important the roles were. We didn’t know anything.”

But it turned out that Whitehead — who’d been working at a coffee shop in London just a couple of months earlier — was trying out for the lead role in Christopher Nolan’s World War II drama Dunkirk, out from Warner Bros. on July 21. “It’s been pretty surreal, to be honest,” says the 20-year-old, whose only other screen credit was last year’s U.K. TV miniseries Him. “I don’t think it really sunk in until Chris was there, on the first day, on the beach, with Spitfires flying overhead and real warships.”

After going through the various stages of auditioning, even getting some direction from a usually silent Nolan (“which I felt was probably a good sign”), Whitehead was at home when the life-changing call came through from his agent. One bout of wild screaming was swiftly followed by another when she revealed (“Are you sitting down?”) just how central his character would be.

“My sister’s boyfriend was the only other person in the house,” he smiles. “Obviously, I wasn’t supposed to tell anyone, but he’d heard me shouting on the floor above and just said, ‘So you got it then?’”

Whitehead, who lives in London with his jazz saxophonist father, didn’t always want to act. He had aspirations of being a guitarist (“I’m not good enough”), a rugby player (“I didn’t have the skill set”) and even a break dancer (“I couldn’t actually break dance”).

But he picked up the bug at school. “Pretty cliched, really. Making my friends laugh at first, I think,” he says. “But as time goes by, you develop different reasons about why you like doing it — getting inside people’s heads and being able to make people feel emotions.”

From a war-battered soldier escaping the beaches of France with Harry Styles (whom he describes as “really funny and witty”), the next head Whitehead will be getting inside — in Richard Eyre’s The Children Act — is that of a terminally ill boy who refuses a life-saving operation because of his family’s religious beliefs (he stars alongside Emma Thompson and Stanley Tucci). Then there’s another lead role, this time in Caravan, Sebastian Schipper’s follow-up to the acclaimed one-take German thriller Victoria. Playing a rebellious teen who steals a campervan and takes it from Morocco to France, he’s currently working on one “very useful” bit of preparation: passing his driving exam. “It’s coming! I’ve failed once so far.”

While Whitehead says his sights aren’t set on L.A. just yet (“It’s such a vast change to London”), his breakthrough at the hands of one of film’s most respected directors already is turning heads in Hollywood (Nolan has described him as like a “young Tom Courtenay”). “I think Chris commands a lot of respect in the industry and it’s an amazing thing to be attached to such a cool project,” says Whitehead. “So it definitely helps having that on the CV.”

“Throughout his career, Wim Wenders has been fascinated, even obsessed, by America: its landscapes, its citizens’ faces, the way the country sees itself and is seen by the world, its reality and its myth. Ripley’s Stetson identifies him as mythically American, so it’s ironic and odd and funny that America—in theory, a beacon of democracy and culture—appears here as a rather dim beacon: a not very intelligent psycho, with a calculating nature and a gift for intimidation that may remind us of the crazed, gas-sucking bully Hopper would play in David Lynch’s Blue Velvet… . 

Like Highsmith, Wenders has always been preoccupied with nationality, with the differences between Americans and Europeans, and with the effects of place. But above all, truth and beauty are what he has gone for and achieved in this stylish thriller, really and truly noir in its power to make us feel that we are watching something epic and spiritual play out in a very dark way, on a fast European train.”

from The American Friend: Little Lies and Big Disasters

By Francine Prose


A Cure For Wellness

A Cure for Wellness is an upcoming 2017 American-German psychological thriller film: An ambitious young executive is sent to retrieve his company’s CEO from an idyllic but mysterious “wellness center” at a remote location in the Swiss Alps. He soon suspects that the spa’s miraculous treatments are not what they seem. When he begins to unravel its terrifying secrets, his sanity is tested, as he finds himself diagnosed with the same curious illness that keeps all the guests here longing for the cure.

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Alycia named as one of IMDb’s Top 10 Movers and Shakers of 2015 (x)

Alycia is the second cast member of “Fear the Walking Dead” to land on our list, underscoring the AMC’s spin-off series’ impact on television viewers this past year. In fact, the show’s premiere in August was the biggest in cable TV history both in total viewers and among adults 18 to 49. In the series, set in Los Angeles right at the beginning of the zombie apocalypse on the West Coast, Alycia plays Alicia Clark, the teenaged daughter of high-school guidance counselor Madison Clark. In addition to her work on this series, she continues in her role as Commander Lexa in the CW’s “The 100.” In 2016, fans can watch her in German thriller Friend Request