german style

Sierra Nevada’s 2017 German Style IPA (Picked up at Ralph’s in San Diego). A 3 of 4. All around, quite interesting. Smells of some banana and spice, as well as more floral and faint citrus notes. Drinks with a wheat-like flavor and nice and dry on the palate. Some fruity sweetness helps balance, and this goes down easy. Quite original.

Down In Albion

Emma Simon is a passionate art history student and scones enthusiast, a London-lover and music-junkie and she might know everything about 90s hip-hop and 60s beat-bands but certainly not so much about modern pop-culture. 

Actually, that last one’s about to change…

A story filled to the brim with clichés about people with Harry-Potter-eyes, art, music, an internship in London and the fact that sometimes, life has its own plans.

‘Chapter 1 - I LOVE LONDON’

“Umm, what’s your name?”

“Emma. And yours?”

“My name?” He asked and for whatever reason, he sounded incredulous.

“Yeah… your name.” I raised my eyebrows as I repeated the obvious.

A slow grin appeared on his face yet his whole demeanour, his wide eyes, still expressed disbelief.


Read the first chapter of ’Down in Albionhere.