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#MyDeutschFail: Week 33

There is a sense of relief for a German-learner when they find out how many English words exist in German–from chillen to googeln to cool. A natural reaction is to think that any English word can just be inserted into a German sentence, maybe with an accent for good measure. That is, until you run into a situation like this where it has ANOTHER meaning or no meaning at all.

  • America: Hey! Want to come over for dinner? I'm making beer cheese soup!
  • Germany: cheese soup?
  • America: Don't knock it till you try it dude! It's delicious!
  • Germany: ...
  • America: Hey you okay?
  • Germany: BEER CHEESE SOUP?!?
  • America: ...I'm sorry! I could like order a pizza or something!?
Out of context Vinesauce Joel: Vietnamese Crystal edition
  • ”Mom if you’re talking about fucking yourself with a crucifix, I do not approve.”
  • “This game just got deep. I mean beyond the existential crisis of ‘bag fuck’.”
  • “See? Winners do use drugs.”
  • “I ain’t fucking no microwaves.”
  • “In this store, you can buy greasy- soda- powers!”
  • “Hee hee, motherfucker.”
  • “End all wars! Just go have some fucking deep-fried chicken.”
  • “Any man, or anything that doesn’t like pizza is probably a skeleton in disguise wanting to eat my eyesockets.”
  • “I found my ass.”
  • “One Direction is pretty sad. They’re just kids puppetated by big money people.”
  • “You have killer machines, go train and go make them kill people.”
  • “If you can’t differentiate between burning alive or drowning, then you’re shit outta luck, pal.”
  • “Thank God I didn’t say ‘celery’.”
  • “This is a phonetic stroke.”
  • “We’re going cougar hunting tonight.”
  • “What gender is Satan?”
  • “Is he talking about giving a lighter a blowjob?”
  • “Holy shit I just realized; I’m Gabe Newell!”
  • “I guess he fucked me real quick.”
  • “Isn’t Estonia where all the cocaine comes from?”
  • “Stop milking me, man.”
  • “So when we last left off, we killed a tree.”
  • “Well I do like to fuck robots.”
  • “It’s like, ‘we’re fucked. Let’s all sing and hold hands as we die’.”
  • “I don’t give a shit about your fucking cameltoe, fuck off!”
  • “I like to fuck my Pokémon.”
  • “I wish I had fuckin’ evolved pants!”
  • “Oh my God, look at that man-meat.”
  • “The ultimate in Pokémon training: Crab-mon! Kingler go fuck yourself!”
  • “I got huge balls too but you don’t call me Santa Claus.”
  • “That’s kinky, but alright.”
  • “Nine-year-old catches God - more at 11.”
  • “You know what I’m trying to say here? I’m trying to say that Jigglypuff is the devil.”
  • “I’m licking balls here, man.”
  • “He hates me so bad he becomes Iron Man.”
  • “Sin to win.”
  • “I think I got married.”
  • “The most metal birthday present of all! NOOOTTHIIIIINNNGG!!”
  • “It’s like Jeopardy, but you put your dick in a toaster.”
  • “Don’t get trapped or you’ll be sucked to death.”
  • “So Wesley Snipes has joined our party and I’m killing elephants.”
  • “Eat my German soup.”
  • “’I, too, was dipped in a vile of acid as a child, and now I am here to claim my SKIIINNNN’!”
  • “We’re all dying anyway; have some fun.”
  • “Welcome to bootlegs, now you will suffer.”
  • “Get it in! Get it in! Get it in!”
  • “Jesus is already cursed with the sin of man.”
  • “Ah that’s right, good old Barney the Dinosaur.”
  • “I think I’m gonna have a baby.”
  • “Macaroni macaroni give me the Toblerone.”
  • “I guess if I was human cocaine, y’know, sniff me up, boys.”
  • “If I had two I’d have gonads.”
  • “You guys wanna do some sexy science tonight?”
  • “He’s like a human duck.”
  • “As soon as dick-to-puss action happens in this great furry-pile, within minutes, our ATM machines in town will just spew money.”
  • “A beautiful oil canvas of shitting dick-nipples.”
  • “Injection drug. Now we’re talking.”
  • “Dude, he had bees and he said ‘pain’.”
  • “I’m Jesus now.”
Shinee 5 Trying your foreign cooking

Them trying your cooking from your foreign country for the first time     -Anon


  • What is this?
  • Knoephla?
  • Knoephla soup?
  • Why is this so good and creamy and
  • This is German soup?
  • Wow
  • Makes you make it for him all the time
  • Esp. when he has long rehearsal days bc it is cool cold too.
  • 100% in love with it
  • Makes you cook him more German food when he is feeling adventurous.
  • “It’s like I’m in Germany!”


  • What the H E c K is Klub?
  • Potato dumpling stuff?
  • Okay,
  • Tries it even if it looks kinda weird.
  • REally likes it.
  • He asks you to make him it whenever he gets a cold or a sore throat.
  • Will beg for it too
  • Why aren’t you this good at cooking everything else?
  • Apologizes.
  • Loved you and all your Norwegian food.


  • Your mom used to make these for you
  • You know the recipe
  • #CrepesforBreakfast
  • Buys a ton of different topping to try
  • Tries to speak French with you
  • You laugh at his accent.
  • Lots of instagram pictures of you cooking crepes
  • Boomerangs of him flipping a crepe
  • More cute picture of aesthetic breakfast set up with tons of crepes.


  • Doesn’t care how many pounds he is going to gain
  • Fry Bread is the shit
  • American Indian Fry Bread is something you used for tacos or cinnamon bread
  • He is in love….
  • With the food tbh
  • 14 fry bread tacos in one week.
  • You end up cutting him off after he learns how to make it himself and starts to make it for all of SHINee.
  • Wanted to start a fry bread food truck.
  • “People would love this!”


  • Picky Eater™
  • “Oh my god why is this pudding black?”
  • He didn’t want to try your Black rice pudding bc he’d never even heard of it before.
  • After you begging him, you get him to try it.
  • He loves it.
  • Can’t get enough.
  • Takes a little tupperware container of it with him when he has to eat on the go.
  • Loves helping you make it too.
  • He wants you to make some Thai dishes he hasn’t tried yet.
  • Thinks you’re magical bc he likes everything you make.

A/N- I didn’t know what foreign places to take the foods from, so I used my ethnicities and used ceratin dishes my family makes.

Requests are open!

Regional German food: Pichelsteiner Eintopf from Bayern (Bavaria) is a rustic, filling stew of meat and vegetables. In the first step, beef, pork, and mutton are seared, then vegetables are added, usually potatoes, carrots, parsley, cabbage, and leek. Subsequently, meat broth is poured over and everything is cooked together (some recipes also add onions and garlic).

In Schwaben (Swabia), it’s common to serve the bone marrow the broth was made with along with the finished stew. The creation of the dish has been traced to Auguste Winkler. Originally from Kirchberg im Wald, she worked as an innkeeper in Grattersdorf, where she is also buried. The name is likely to have derived from the nearby Büchelstein mountain, where the annual Büchelsteiner Fest has been celebrated since 1839. As early as 1879, the Open-air-cooking festival was considered a tradition, and because the letter ü is pronounced like i in the local dialect, the dish’s name developed. In Regen, a town in the Bavarian Forest, citizens have met annually since 1874 on Kirchweih Monday to eat Pichelsteiner together, a tradition that is still alive today. They also claim the name’s etymology. In their opinion it derives from the pot in which the stew is cooked, which was called a pichel in the past.

Einfache Grießklößchensuppe (Simple Semolina Dumpling Soup)

Für 4 Personen: 1 großes Ei (large egg) ~ 60 g Hartgrieß (semolina) ~ 40 g Butter ~ Salz (salt) ~ Muskat (nutmeg) ~ 1 ½ Liter Fleischbrühe (meat broth or stock of choice) ~ Schnittlauch (chives)

Mit der schaumig gerührten Butter rührt man Ei, Grieß, Salz und Muskat glatt an, lässt den Teig etwa 1 Stunde stehen, legt mit zwei Kaffeelöffeln Klößchen in kochende Fleischbrühe, deckt den Topf sofort zu und lässt sie langsam 10 Min zugedeckt kochen. Man richtet die Suppe mit Schnittlauch an.

10 Facts about me

I was tagged by the lovely @friendlyneighborhoodwhatever. thank you! <3 

1. I’m currently studying English to French Translation at university. 

2. I would love to be a polyglot in French, English, Spanish, and German. 

3. Favourite foods: soup, banana bread, goat cheese 

4. I’m currently rewatching Skam for the third time, and Noora is still my fave character. 

5. I’m in a long-distance relationship (basically I’m at uni but my bf is still back home). 

6. I adore chai lattes (and tea in general). 

7. Aurora’s “All My Demons Greeting Me As A Friend” album brings me so much joy and I know most of the songs by heart. 

8. I’ve loved The Nutcracker ballet ever since I was a little kid. I would still love to see it again today. 

9. I have pretty curly hair but I hate it (the curls aren’t pretty) so I always straighten it. 

10. Bookstores are one of my favourite places to go to and I can definitely spend at least 2 hours there just browsing.

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One of my favorite mistakes someone made in my German class(I'm from the U.S.) was that they mixed up the following sentences: Die Katze isst die Suppe. Die Katze ist die Suppe. And then they started crying because they are vegan, and own 2 cats.

And that’s why spelling and punctuation is very important. 

Same with the famous “Komm wir essen, Opa!” and “Komm wir essen Opa!”

Norddeutsche Krabbensuppe mit Erbsen und Dill (North German Shrimp Bisque with Peas and Dill)

2 Möhren - 1 Stück Knollensellerie - 1 Stück Lauch - 800 ml Fischfond (Glas) - ½ TL Anissamen - 3 gestrichene. EL Krabbenbutter (40 g) - 1 gehäufter EL Mehl (20 g) - ½ Bund Dill - 200 g Nordseekrabben (ohne Schale) - 2 TL Tomatenmark  - 100 g Erbsen (tiefgekühlt) - 50 ml Schlagsahne - Salz - Cayennepfeffer

Möhren und Knollensellerie schälen und in dünne Scheiben schneiden. Lauch der Länge nach halbieren, waschen und quer in schmale Streifen schneiden. Fischfond, 300 ml Wasser, Möhren, Sellerie, Lauch und Anis aufkochen. Alles bei kleiner Hitze etwa 20 Min zugedeckt garen lassen. Inzwischen Krabbenbutter und Mehl in einer kleinen Schüssel mit einer Gabel verkneten. Ein Sieb über einen neuen Topf hängen. Gemüse samt Fischfond hineingießen; das Gemüse mit einem Löffelrücken ausdrücken. Fond erneut aufkochen. Die Krabben-Mehl-Butter unterrühren, nochmals aufkochen und zugedeckt bei kleiner Hitze 5 Min köcheln lassen. Inzwischen Dill waschen und grob hacken, etwas zum Garnieren beiseitelegen. Krabben abspülen und abtropfen lassen. Tomatenmark, Erbsen und Sahne in die Suppe rühren und 3 Min bei kleiner Hitze erwärmen. Krabben und gehackten Dill in die Suppe geben. Mit Salz und Cayennepfeffer abschmecken, mit beiseitegestelltem Dill garnieren und mit Brot servieren.

Hochzeitssuppe (wedding soup) is a clear German soup, usually based on meat broth, chicken meat, small meatballs (Fleischklößchen), asparagus, noodles, vegetables, herbs, and an egg garnish called Eierstich. Sometimes raisins are added for good luck. As with many German dishes, there are regional variations, but it’s popular at weddings all over he country and eaten by the wedding party as a first course of the feast after the wedding ceremony. One variation is the Westfälische Hochzeitssuppe, which contains beef instead of chicken.