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Imagine... You And Peter Stay Up To Watch Kurt's German Soap Opera's As He Is Your Roommate

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Tv: Danke Gott. Sie sind nach all dieser Zeit in Ordnung. Ich habe vergessen, Ihnen zu sagen, wie sehr ich dich liebe. (Thank god. You’re alright after all this time. I forgot to tell you how much I love you.)

(Y/N): How many times is she going to say that?

Peter: That’s like the fifth time she’s said I love you. 

Kurt: Shh. Ve’re almost to ze best part.

Tv: Dank fur mir sagen. (Thanks for telling me.)

Peter and (Y/N): *Groaning.

*German from Google Translates. 

Whenever I’m watching a German soap opera, I’m like I don’t fucking care about the heterosexuals. Also, just because someone is in a same sex partnership, that does not mean that they can’t be bi - I’m looking at you, Christian and Deniz. So no more surprised exclamations of “Er ist schuwl!”