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“The EU became central in funding, encouraging, and pressuring EU nations to isolate and imprison asylum seekers. In January 2013, Frontex acknowledged that it was working with the world’s leading arms and security manufacturers, such as Lockheed Martin and L-3 Communications, to find new ways to repel refugees coming from North Africa and the Middle East. “The European border security policy is going in the wrong direction,” German Green MEP Ska Keller told Inter Press Service. “Against a background of pervasive budget cuts and austerity measures, it is unbelievable that the EU is spending millions of euros for ‘smart gates,’ UAVs [drones] and other surveillance technologies.” With little press coverage or other scrutiny, EU member states were being encouraged or forced to buy market-ready equipment from pre-approved firms.
The monitoring and documenting of migrants has generated a large industry. 

The EU has led the charge in working with corporations that have been very willing to develop and hone methods for repelling the desperate hordes. “Smart Borders” was one tool to identity visa overstayers, which used biometrics and collated a database of personal information. This program was part of EUROSUR, the European External Border Surveillance System, which was designed to build cooperation between Frontex and EU nations. France’s Thales and Sagem, leading defense companies, were central to this approach to security and border protection, implemented by a Brussels elite that showed little interest in addressing the root causes of migratory flows. It was much easier to militarize the procedure, boosting a firm’s bottom line in the process. Fortress Europe was the result.”

Antony Loewenstein- Disaster Capitalism



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