german shepherd


Germany is currently suffering from a heat wave which comes directly from the Sahara. So the only place I wanted to be with my girls is the lake.

Corgis are indeed good swimmers despite those stubby legs :)


Hope all my American followers survived the 4th alright. we were up most of the night with a crying child and a barking dog :/ he did better than I thought he would. he has been so anxious the last few days that he really hasn’t been eating.

here are two pics from this morning of us running errands! it’s hot today but we may check out the doggy park

Saxon Murphy, a follower of The Truth About Griffin Shepherd Kennels, has been compiling some good side by side contradicting statements about GSK and/or written by Augusto via screencaps.

Original Commentary by Saxon Murphy.

So remember a while ago when ADO was asking people for advise on how to do an in home artificial insemination on a bitch THROUGH FACEBOOK? He claims to be against treating his dogs as breeding machines while at the same time….

1: Asking advice on how to artificially inseminate a breeding dog over social media and no professionals

2: Tried to breed the same dog 2 years in a row

3: Admits that ALL his female stock have bred with his one stud (assuming it’s Griffin)

4: Making all puppies that he keeps from these litters half siblings to each other

5: Inserts a syringe in a female he wants to breed without knowing if it’s going to actually work (did not do proper researching prior)

6: Does not confirm he is using the right equipment (lacked a breeding tube) before he starts poking at his dogs lady parts to impregnate her.

7: Tried a second time using the right equipment

8: Repeated the process once for 3 days

9: Bred her with a different male because she couldn’t get stuck with the male he originally wanted her to breed with (Griffin?)

10: Will attempt to breed her once more with this male (Griffin?) then stop

….Now if you have noticed I did some spell corrections on his wording. I believed he meant to say this female he is trying to breed did NOT get pregnant which is why is now trying artificial insemination (as if she got pregnant he wouldn’t?) If he does not treat his dogs like breeding machines then why is he breeding Griffin(?) with every female he owns for multiple years in a row? Why is he attempting artificial insemination at home without doing proper research before he starts messing around with his dogs lady parts? Why is he asking advise on social media instead contacting long time professionals instead about this procedure? Why is he not taking the proper steps to research and make sure he has all the right equipment and knows what he is doing to ensure the well being and comfort of his dog?

If his males and his females are not treated like breeding machines then why does he breed his stud with all the females he owns making all the puppies that he keeps from basically his first generation dogs half siblings to each other?

In this one thread he HAS or WILL try to impregnate this female a total of 8 times within 2 years.

So does he practice what he believes when he states dogs should be treated as more then just breeding machines? Well according to these idiotic attempts to impregnate his dog and breed his one stud with every bitch he has……NO HE DOES NOT!!!!

Part 4.

We left this one for last even though it was Saxon’s first cometary because the idea of it is disturbing if you think about it even just a little. This was posted in 2012 when he’d begun his trek into German Shepherds and with no mentoring, research or any experienced guidance whatsoever he attempted to inseminate a bitch at home with a syringe and a plastic bag. Only AFTER trying to DIY his way through it did he ask if it would work not to a mentor or even a dog community, but to the people on his personal Facebook page at the time. 

Augusto had no knowledge about how to properly inseminate the bitch, nor the familiarity with the correct equipment to do so. This is why you look for an experienced breeder who is willing to guide you BEFORE you start breeding. Something like this is not just bout producing sub-par quality puppies but also about endangering an animal and risking injury to it by trying to blindly grab at straws on a procedure done at home with no guidance.