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Heinrich Pommerenke’s murder kit, including a so-called “love cocktail” (circled).
Heinrich Pommerenke, also known as “The Beast of the Black Forest”, was a German serial killer responsible for the murder and rape of four women. After seeing the depiction of sin in the movie “The Ten Commandments”, Pommerenke decided to murder women. He later stated “I saw the women dancing around the golden calf and I thought they were a sinful lot. I knew I would have to kill.


Carl Großmann was a serial killer who lived in Germany during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The exact nature and extent of his crimes is unknown, he was arrested after his neighbours reported the sound of screams coming from his apartment. When the police entered they found the body of a young woman who had been killed, and Großmann was charged with first degree murder.

This was the only body that the police would find, but they also discovered blood stains in his home that suggested at least three other victims. A police report from 1921 states that Großmann confessed to murdering 4 women, however some reports suggest the number of victims could be as high as 50. Neighbours stated that he would regularly have female visitors to his home, however they would not see these visitors leave. There was also a rumour spreading that he was cannibal, and that he was selling the flesh of his victims on the black market during the first world war, passing it off as typical animal meat. It is thought he may have discarded the inedible portions of his victims, as pieces of missing women were discovered in a nearby canal.

The reason why the extent of Großmann’s crimes are unknown is because he completed suicide, by hanging himself in his prison cell.

The meat cleaver German serial killer Fritz Haarmann allegedly used for the dismemberment of his victims. It was found by accident approximately 20 years after Haarmann’s execution. It was never proven if the meat cleaver was indeed Haarmann’s.

Fritz Haarmann was a German serial killer who was found guilty of 24 murders and sentenced to death by guillotine. He was initially convicted of 27 murders, but was found not guilty in three cases. Haarmann targeted boys and young men and lured them into his apartment before raping, killing and dismembering them. He threw their remains into the river. The Vampire of Hanover stated that he killed most of his victims by tearing their throats with his teeth, earning him his moniker. He requested an expensive cigar and brazilian coffee as his final wish before being led to the scaffold. His alleged last words were: “I am guilty, gentleman, but hard though it may be, I want to die as a man.” followed by: “I repent, but I do not fear death.” However, some sources claim that Haarmann’s last statement was a simple “Good bye!” before the blade decapitated him.

In case  you’re wondering: The man in the left picture is actually Stefano’s German voice actor, Martin Sabel.



in this bed, christine klein was murdered. she was just 9 years old, when she got strangled and had her throat cut while she was asleep. she was one of the victims of infamous german serial killer peter kürten.

kürtens sadistic mind began to show at the tender age of 5. he already helped a dog-catcher by drowning puppies. he also hurt many animals with knives during his childhood. as an adult, he once killed a swan and drank its blood. this also occured sometimes when he killed his human victims.

one of his murder weapons was his scissors. he also strangled some of his victims as well as beating them to death with a hammer. he killed 9 people and injured and assaulted many others.

peter kürten was sentenced to death by guillotine and died in 1931. his last words showed his perverted fantasies. “tell me - after my head is chopped off, will i still be able to hear, at least for a moment, the sound of my own blood gushing from the stump of my neck? that would be the pleasure to end all pleasures.”, he asked right before the blade decapitated him. his severed and mummified head can be visited at the “ripley’s believe it or not” museum in wisconsin dells.

Recording of German serial killer Jürgen Bartsch
Recording of German serial killer Jürgen Bartsch


I discovered the abandoned air-raid shelter through other kids and immediately fell in love with the place and considered it as my own private kingdom. Within a year or one year and a half, I lured two or three boys into the cave-like shelter and stripped down their clothes and began touching them at inappropriate places.

Jürgen Bartsch was a German serial killer responsible for the murders of four young boys, their ages ranging from 8 to 13 years old. He lured his victims into an abandoned air-raid shelter and sexually assaulted all of them and then proceeded to dismember their dead bodies. Bartsch was caught when his intended fifth victim, Peter Freese, managed to free himself after Bartsch tied him up with a rope and left the place, telling him that he will kill him later. When Bartsch was arrested, he openly confessed to his crimes and cooperated with the police.


Police pictures taken inside the apartment of German serial killer Fritz Honka, who killed at least four sex workers in Hamburg in the early 70s. Besides the mummified remains of three of his victims, investigators found a large amount of hard liquor, dolls, more than 300 pornographic pictures, and pictures of pinup-girls which were covering the walls and the ceiling. Note the Marquis de Sade book.

I almost can’t believe it, but I’m actually posting two fics within the space of a few days!! This week has been crazy productive. 

So this fic is not a Christmas fic, but it is kinda Christmas-y, because I wrote this while listening to copious amounts of Christmas music. It has a very different feel from the last fic I posted, but I hope you guys like it~ 

Sterek, ~6k words, rated T

It happens on a Monday. Derek stayed up stupidly late the night before, reading a weird German serial killer novel Erica lent him, and overslept. He’s running late, out of breath and a little sweaty from jogging all the way from the subway, and when he yells, “Hold the elevator!” an arm obligingly snakes out between the doors and he slips inside.

The guy who held the door for him doesn’t even look up. He’s slouching back against the wall, scrolling disinterestedly through his phone, his other hand curled around a bouquet of flowers wrapped in crinkly paper. He’s got messy brown hair and a mole right by his mouth, four more in a cluster along his jaw, and, under the scent of cold air and wet pavement that’s clinging to his jacket, he smells—good. Really good. Warm and a little gingery.

The elevator doors slide shut. Derek’s so focused on trying to look at him without letting the guy know he’s looking that it takes him an embarrassingly long time to realize the guy just said something. To Derek.

Derek blinks. “What?”

The guy smirks. “Running a little low on caffeine? I asked what floor you want.” He nods at the elevator buttons, and Derek flushes. Right.


The guy leans forward to press the button, and Derek leans in a little after him, trying to subtly smell him again.

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The skeletal remains of German serial killer Fritz Haarmann’s victims, which washed ashore from the River Leine where Haarmann would dump them. The “Butcher of Hanover” would lure his victims back to his apartment and kill them by biting through their throats. He was also rumored to have sold their flesh on the black market.

Karl Denke

(also known as “Father Denke) ; born 11. Februar 1860 in Oberkunzendorf in Münsterberg, Silesia (now Ziębice, Poland) († 22. Dezember 1924 in Münsterberg) was a german (prussian) serial killer and cannibal.

Denke ran away from home at the age of 12. In adulthood he worked as an organ player at the local church and was well-liked in his community until he quit his membership in the church in 1906.

On December 20, 1924, Denke was arrested after attacking a man at his house with an axe. Police searched Denke’s home where they found human remains including 420 teeth and 480 bones as well as human flesh stored in huge jars of curing salt and 3 suspenders and shoelaces made of human skin. A ledger contained the details of at least 42 people whom Denke had murdered and cannibalized between 1903 and 1924. It is thought he even sold the flesh of his victims at the Breslau (now Wrocław, Poland) market as pork. 

Two days after his arrest, Denke hanged himself in his cell.  

German serial killer Fritz Haarman being escorted to court. Haarman was also known as the Vampire of Hanover and was responsible for the murder of 27 young men and boys between 1918 and 1924. He was beheaded on the 15th of April 1925, and his head was preserved in the hopes of scientists being able to examine his brain - his head is now kept at the Göttingen medical school.

I saw women dancing around the golden calf and I thought they were a fickle lot. I knew I would have to kill.

Heinrich Pommerencke

Pommerencke was a German serial killer/rapist who was sexually active at a young age but lacked the charm often associated with highly socialized psychopaths. began stalking and raping girls while his teens, and later progressed to killing after tossing one victim from a train as she struggled. He would eventually be convicted of 31 rapes and 4 murders.