german riding horse


Went on our first spring ride today! I rode my mare who is much more tolerant of Kilo than my colt haha. The tiny speck across the field in the left photo is a coyote that Kilo chased out of the field shortly after. There was also a group of people walking up there with three dogs but Kilo didn’t meet them as he was distracted by the coyote.

Does anyone else here just find modern warmbloods fucking ugly?

Like… The small, light heads with the Arabian-lined faces and huge eyes. These overly arched necks. Toothpick legs with long pasterns. So uphill they’re impossible to fit a saddle to.

Warmbloods were so pretty to look at not too long ago, and now they look so painfully refined and arched that I just want to throw up.

Patrick Stühlmeyer & Lacan GER, CSIO Sopot 5* 2015, Poland

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new photos coming soon, hopefully :)))