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I was feeling myself the other day. My hair, my lips, my eyes, my overalls.



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SLS Black Series AMG gullwing action

you all: arguing

me: can we please talk about how Sebastian Vettel (German pronunciation: [zeˈbasti̯an ˈfɛtl̩]; born 3 July 1987)[2] a German racing driver, currently driving in Formula One for Scuderia Ferrari and a four-time Formula One World Champion, who has won the championship in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 with Red Bull Racing[3]  and is among the most successful F1 drivers of all time,[4][5][6][7 and is also one of only four drivers to have won four or more drivers’ titles and is contracted to remain as a Formula One driver with Scuderia Ferrari until at least the end of 2017.[8] just won a race

German National Socialism was attracted to ancient German blood religions, race mysticism, and racial science. Almost everything they believed was both apocalyptic and utopian. They switched together the irrationalism of German romantic and mystic writers with the scientific racism and anthropology that gained rooted in their universities. Capitalism and liberal values such as individualism were as much an enemy to them as Marxism and the dogma of Moscow, probably more so. They wanted a Germany with a socialism based on racial nationalism so they ran state funded programs for families, eugenics, health care (to ensure the survival of the German race), and the science and arts directed by ideology.

Romanticism and syndicalism also influenced French Fascist movements that saw fascism as a true workers movement and the way to rekindle the souls of Frenchmen. They leaned more toward race mysticism (the idea that the battles of race was a conflict of fate between good and evil).

Italian Fascism was influenced by futurism and romanticism as well. Race was less of a marking point here but they still championed the State as a means of cultural and spiritual revival. Heroic violence leading a charge toward the future.

Oswald Mosley’s British Union of Fascists and the Imperial League of Fascists were revival groups differing only on the degree on how much they hated Jews but they borrowed from Mussolini and Hitler. Yet their fascism was uniquely British believing that England lead the fascist crusade to recreate civilization into a new kind humanhood.

The common thread among these groups was that they believed in going forward never backwards.  The myth of the past and its symbols served as inspiration for a new revolution against decadent individual liberalism and the internationalism of Soviet Marxism which was believed to be guided by a Jewish conspiracy. Heroic violence and crusade for its own sake based on emotion and raw passion was their common ethos.

I would be wary of any group people who advocate violence for its own sake or the sake of a heroic crusade especially against ordinary people or unmask unseen enemies.

You wear a black shirt and attack people in the streets under the belief that this is a crusade you are embracing a fascist ethos. Smashing in banks and coffee shops all black and brown shirt tactics. Directing violence against business and your fellow citizens but not the State apparatus itself is fascist.

Most Americans reject such a notion about irrational heroic violence of this kind. I hope it stays this way and these small number of people who wish to act like the Neo Nazis they hate will washed away in the dust bin of history.

Sometimes I wonder whether people on tumblr understand the concept of acting tbh.