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Angelika Pflanze (Angelica archangelica) in Island.

Angelica plant (Angelica archangelica) in Iceland.

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Wonders of mother nature

Photo taken and edited by me aka Missjescho

ID #81702

Name: Jamie
Age: 21
Country: USA

Hello there! My name is Jamie, and I live in the United States of America, in the state of Ohio. I’ve never had a pen pal before, but I love to write so this should be a piece of cake!
Anyway, my interests are photography, writing, cooking, gardening and trying new things. Except maybe skydiving.. I cannot handle heights(but if I had to I guess I would). I am an avid watcher of anime, movies and television(when I have time), and I am always open to recommendations!
I am currently trying to learn German, and so far I think I’m doing well… Just don’t ask me to say too much just yet. I’ve found that I am better at reading German, than I am at speaking it. I am also interested in learning Hungarian, due to my Hungarian heritage on my father’s side(he’s half Hungarian).
My plans for the future are to:
- Become a published (successful) author. (I am currently ATTEMPTING to write my first book. Ask me about it, I dare ya.)
- Travel through Europe and Asia
- Successfully learn a second (and hopefully third) language.
I am open to talk about anything. I can’t wait to hear from you!

Preferences: I don’t have many preferences for a potential pen pal, only for us to be around the same age. So 20 years and up? Oh, and I’d prefer to have an international pen pal, as I would love to learn about other cultures and see pictures of different places. Doesn’t matter where you are from, just as long as you want to exchange post cards, emails, photos, or mind me sending you origami flowers or cookies. If you aren’t comfortable with those things, then we can stick with letters.

VERNER PANTON, Swimming pool in the Spiegel Publishing House, Hamburg Germany, 1969