german order


Those marked with an * are only done when speaking informally and often considered ‘messy’! Please don’t write like this, use the correct way in writing or speaking in a professional environment!

1. Mesh together prepositions and articles

This is something we do a lot and not doing it makes you sound very formal. Unlike some of the other things on this list, it acceptable to do this in writing as well. This is only done with the article dem and sometimes with das and der too. The following are only a few examples to show how it works:

  • zu + dem = zum; zu + der = zur
  • an + dem = am; an + das = ans
  • in + dem = im; in + das = ins
  • von + dem = vom
  • etc.

If we want to stress the object, however, we don’t combine them:

In welchem Haus wohnst du? - In dem Haus.
Which house do you live in? - In that one.

Note: In some cases, you cannot dissolve the combination. That is the case in fixed phrases that don’t change depending on cases. “Zum Beispiel”, for example (haha, I’m so funny), is one. You cannot say “zu dem Beispiel”.

2. Leave out ‘e’ *

This is done mainly with first person verbs and in verb+es constructions. This is acceptable in informal writing but should not be done in essays, books, articles, or anything of the sort.

  • Ich habe mein Buch vergessen. - Ich hab mein Buch vergessen.
  • Wie geht es dir? - Wie geht’s/gehts dir?

Note regarding the apostrophe: in cases where verb+es is shortened to verb+s, an apostrophe is not absolutely necessary, according to Duden. However, many people use it anyway.

3. Mess up word order in ‘weil’ sentences *

So… German has strict word order. But we like to bend the rules a lot. In sentences with ‘weil’ especially. Usually, this kind of clause requires different word order than a normal sentence but we’re lazy and often pretend like there’s a … after the ‘weil’ and we get to start a new sentence with the normal word order. 

Correct word order: 
Ich habe keine Energie, weil es mir heute nicht so gut geht.

Colloquial way:
Ich habe keine Energie, weil (…) es geht mir heute nicht so gut.

4. Ignore Präteritum completely *

You do not do this in writing!! But often times we ignore the existence of Präteritum completely, especially here in the South. You learn that for things that weren’t that long ago, we use Präteritum…. It’s not true. Colloquially, we use Perfekt for almost everything. But you still need to learn it because most fictional books are written in Präteritum and you do need to be able to use it for writing or speaking in a professional environment.

5. Leaving out ‘ei’ in ‘ein/eine/einen’ *

While speaking or in informal writing, many of use shorten ‘ein’ and its forms by leaving out the ei:

  • ein - ‘n
  • eine - ‘ne
  • einen - ‘nen
  • einem - ‘nem
  • einer - ‘ner

Note: in middle and northern Germany people will often use ‘n and ‘nen interchangeably, so don’t let that confuse you.

6. 'Is’ (+’er’/’es’) *!!!

A lot of times we leave out the last ‘t’ of ‘ist’ when speaking. Many times this also causes ist+es or ist+er to merge into one word.

  • Es ist kalt draußen. - Es is kalt draußen.
  • Ist er noch da? - Is er (or: isser) noch da?
  • Ist es fertig? - Is es (or: isses) fertig?

This is never ever acceptable in writing (except for when you’re texting friends) !!!!!!!!

A further problem with conventional images of fascism is that they focus on moments of high drama in the fascist itinerary — the March on Rome, the Reichstag fire, Kristallnacht — and omit the solid texture of everyday experience and the complicity of ordinary people in the establishment and functioning of fascist regimes. Fascist movements could never grow without the help of ordinary people, even conventionally good people. Fascists could never attain power without the acquiescence or even active assent of the traditional elites — heads of state, party leaders, high government officials — many of whom felt a fastidious distaste for the crudities of fascist militants. The excesses of fascism in power also required wide complicity among members of the establishment: magistrates, police officials, army officers, businessmen. To understand fully how fascist regimes worked, we must dig down to the level of ordinary people and examine the banal choices they made in their daily routines. Making such choices meant accepting an apparent lesser evil or averting the eyes from some excesses that seemed not too damaging in the short term, even acceptable piecemeal, but which cumulatively added up to monstrous end results.

For example, consider the reactions of ordinary Germans to the events of Kristallnacht (Night of Broken Glass). During the night of November 9, 1938, incited by an incendiary speech to party leaders by the Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels, and in reaction to the murder of a German diplomat in Paris by a young Polish Jew enraged by the recent expulsion of his immigrant parents from Germany, Nazi Party militants rampaged through the Jewish communities of Germany. They burned hundreds of synagogues, smashed more than seven thousand Jewish shops, deported about twenty thousand Jews to concentration camps, and killed ninety-one Jews outright. A fine of a billion marks was imposed collectively on the Jews of Germany, and their insurance reimbursements were confiscated by the German state, in order to compensate for incidental damage done to non-Jewish property. It is clear now that many ordinary Germans were offended by the brutalities carried out under their windows. Yet their widespread distaste was transitory and without lasting effect. Why were there no lawsuits or judicial or administrative enquiries, for example? If we can understand the failure of the judicial system, or of religious or civilian authorities, or of citizen opposition to put any brakes on Hitler in November 1938, we have begun to understand the wider circles of individual and institutional acquiescence within which a militant minority was able to free itself sufficiently from constraints to be able to carry out genocide in a heretofore sophisticated and civilized country.
—  Robert O. Paxton, The Anatomy of Fascism (2004), Chapter 1.

started some independent german notes in order to stay productive over the summer ! school starts again next week, and i guess i’m having mixed emotions

ft. pastel stabilo highlighters, and my planner from muji !!

Tintenherz (Inkheart) vocabulary

Kapitel 1: ein Fremder in der Nacht

der Abscheu - horror, disgust

abschütteln - to shake off

abwesend - absent

der Ӓrmel - sleeve

aufpassen - to protect, look after

aufschlagen - to open (a book)

ausführlich - detailed, extensive

auspusten - to blow out

austreiben - to drive out

auswendig - by heart

die Backe - cheek

die Bartstoppeln - stubble

bedrohlich - threatening, menacing

belauschen - to eavesdrop, observe

der Beweis - proof

blass - pale

der Bruchteil - fraction

der Docht - candle wick

eilig - hurried

der Einband - binding, cover

sich einprägen - to impress upon, remember something

einzeln - individual

empfangen - to receive, welcome

entsetzlich - terrible, dreadful

entziffern - to decipher, make out

die Falte - fold

flüstern - to whisper

das Geraune - whisper

das Geräusch - noise, buzz

das Geschirr - crockery

die Gestalt - figure

die Heftigkeit - fierceness, intensity

herablassend - patronising

hervorholen - to produce, fetch

hervorziehen - to pull smth out

kauen - to chew

die Kette - chain, necklace

der Kicher - giggling

die Kiste - box, chest

klappern - to rattle

klebrig - sticky

lauschen - to eavesdrop, listen in

die Leuchte - light

die Lungenentzündung - pneumonia

die Müdigkeit - fatigue, tiredness

pelzig - furry

rascheln - to rustle

die Reglosigkeit - stillness, motionlessness

reiben - to rub

die Schachtel - box

das Schälchen - small bowl

das Schaukelpferd - rocking horse

die Scheibe - window pane

der Scherz - joke

schmal - narrow, thin

der Schritt - footstep

der Seufzer - sigh

spöttisch - mocking

die Spur - track, lead, mark

die Stirn - forehead

die Stirn runzeln - to frown

stolpern - to stumble

sich stoßen - to bump into

der Stümper - bungler, botcher

umblättern - to turn, flip

das Unheil - disaster, harm

jmd verabschieden - to say goodbye

verbergen, verdecken - to hide

verdauen - to digest

verheißungsvoll - auspicious

verlegen - sheepish, uncomfortable

die Verlegenheit - embarrassment

verscheuchen - to scare off

verschlingen - to devour

vertraut - familiar

vorsichtshalber - as a precaution

widerstrebend - reluctantly

das Windlicht - storm light

die Zehe - toe

zerren - to drag

zögern - to hesitate

zurücktreten - to step back

English speakers often struggle with German word order and verb forms. But here are three situations which are especially confusing for English speakers when learning German! If you have any questions, let me know.


Wenn, as you’ll come to realise, is often times a false friend. It sounds like when, and in some cases it does mean when, but not always. Take a look at these examples:

Wann muss ich nach Hause? - Wenn es dunkel wird.
When do I have to come home? - When it’s getting dark.

Ich weiß noch nicht, wann ich nach Hause komme.
I don’t know when I’ll be coming home.

If it’s a question or a negated statement, you always use wann!

The first is a question, so you use wann. The second is the reply. In the second example the speaker can’t pinpoint the exact time of his return. He uses a negation (nicht). Therefore, he has to say wann.


In this case, ‘if’ is the confusing word. Germans also struggle with this when learning English. If and when don’t correlate the same way as wenn/falls and ob do. Take a look at the following examples:

Kommst du mit an den See? - Ja, wenn/falls es nicht regnet.
Are you coming along to the lake? - Yes, if/in case it doesn’t rain.

Weißt du, ob das Wetter morgen schön sein soll?
Do you know if/whether the weather is supposed to be nice tomorrow?

‘wenn’ - used in if / in case situations. 
‘falls’ - can be used as a synonym for wenn, though it’s more formal. When in doubt, use wenn.
‘ob’ - used for conditional sentences and questions with a definite yes or no answer. If you can use ‘whether’ in English, it’s ‘ob’. Hint: there’s always a comma before ob.


Bekommen does not mean to become. It means to get/receive. Germans also mix these up when speaking English sometimes. To become is werden in German.

Ich bekomme ein Fahrrad zu Weihnachten!
I’m getting a bike for Christmas.

Kann ich Lehrer werden, wenn ich groß bin?
Can I become a teacher when I’m grown up?

NOTE: In some cases, to get can translate to werden. But to become NEVER means bekommen!!!!

Ich werde alt.
I’m getting old.

Part of Harry's Interview with EinsLive

Harry: […] When you say it like that it sounds.. scary? I’m joking, I’m joking. I love touring and I’m incredibly excited to see some fans who’ve got tickets to the show

Interviewer [in German]: In order for your band mates not to forget you, you did something like.. a lot of celebs don’t send video messages or facetime.. but you did a movie. We’re gonna see you as an actor in the summer and Hollywood’s got its eyes on you: Channing Tatum gave you a stripper name, in case you’re gonna star in Magic Mike at one point.. Did you know about that?

Harry: I did not know that. Tell me what the name is!

Interviewer: The English Muffin

Harry: I think we all know what he was intending with that.. Thank you, Channing Tatum

Interviewer [in German]: We’ll forward the message later when we’re in the club with Channing [laughs]. Okay, Harry Styles, thank you so far! See you on October 27th, when you’re performing on stage in Cologne, right?

Harry: Wonderful interview, thank you so much. You should come to the show!

Interviewer [in German]: We will, bye!

anonymous asked:

Has anyone written a book about the hero's journey for Finn or have people just stopped giving a fuck about his arc or anything that doesn't have to do with Rey?

Did people ever give a fuck? I am unable to find a book about him, though there are a few blog posts, and even these search results start showing posts about Rey halfway down the first page. The top result on a Google search for “star wars finn hero’s journey” starts out by calling Finn “afraid, prone to mistakes and naive in the extreme.” Yaigh.

On the bright side so far I’ve written about 14,000 words of meta analysis on Finn, though not specifically on the hero’s journey which I don’t put much stock in anyway. If you’re interested, here they are in chronological order for your reading pleasure:

Finn’s subversive decency - Discusses how Finn’s very decency was a resistance against the First Order, whether consciously or not.

Rey and Finn: Responses to political and economic oppression - This one’s also about Rey, sorry, but it forms part of my thoughts about Finn and Rey’s interlocking and mirrored character arcs.

Finn’s compassion and tactical brilliance: An analysis of the hangar bay escape - This was one of the essays where I analyze Finn as a military wunderkind. Probably the best meta analysis I have written, and deservedly one of the most popular.

Finn handles a blaster like no one else - Goes into great depth on his all-too-fleeting moments of blaster wizardry on Takodana. There is some interesting commentary in the notes, too, such as his style being reminiscent of the original Clonetroopers.

Finn lied to Poe on their first meeting? - This one analyzes Finn and Poe’s first meeting and subsequent scenes, including the novelization’s account.

Kylo Ren’s scary fixation on Finn - Focuses on Kylo Ren’s reaction to Finn directly after the murder of Han. There’s also a companion gifset that shows KR’s obsession with Finn.

Here’s an untitled piece where I geek the hell out over that moment Finn threw away his blaster running to Rey’s side. I fully admit I could be biased here, but I think that moment has a deeper meaning than just his devotion to Rey. It’s also my way of reconciling what I see as an incongruity in the way Ren’s power is portrayed. Also of interest, this direction is not in the script and is one of the Finn-centric changes made to the Starkiller sequence.

Finn’s disobedience and defection: Parallels to  real-life resistance against Nazi Germany - This is an essay I wish had gotten more exposure, in part because it took more work than any other post on this list. I can see how it’s dry and involved compared to the others, though. It examines Finn’s actions from a historical perspective, drawing from stories of German soldiers who refused orders to commit war crimes, Resistance fighters in German-occupied territory, and German and Austrian soldiers who fought with Allied powers.

And I am by no means done delving into Finn’s story. To me he is the single most fascinating character to come along in years, and it makes me so angry that he gets so little attention other than being dismissed with a pat on the head as a bumbling good guy because ugh, no.

(False) Names in Kuroshitsuji

There are quite a few characters whose real name we don’t know. So here’s a list:

  • Sebastian: Ciel named the demon after his dog Sebastian right after they had formed their contract. But his real name (if he has one) is unknown.

  • Finny: Again, Ciel was the one to name him. Since he had been a test subject he probably never had a real name besides “S-012”. Ciel named him “Finnian” because of his blond hair and because his strength reminded him of a character in a book who’s called “Finn”.
    (We don’t know (yet) if “Mey-Rin” and “Bard” are the real names of the other two servants.)

  • the members of Noah’s Ark Circus: “Joker”, “Beast”, “Doll”, “Jumbo”, “Dagger”, “Peter” and “Wendy” were only their stage names. They all grew up in the gutter and didn’t have a family other than themselves. It’s quite possible that some of them didn’t have a name at all. (Even the shinigami didn’t know Joker’s real name.)
    Edit: In Book of Circus Beast’s real name was revealed as ‘Mally’ (credit to an Anon and @acandletoguide). 

  • Doctor: The name of the doctor in the Noah’s Ark Circus is unknown as well.
  • Snake: Just like with the rest of the circus troupe “Snake” is his stage name. Before he lived at Noah’s Arc Circus he was kept on display because of his skin and his ability to talk to snakes. That’s probably where his name came from.

  • (Agni): Technically, Agni doesn’t belong in that list because we know his real name: Arshad (ch. 17 in the flashback when Agni tells Sebastian of his past). He was born as a member of the Brahmans, the highest caste in India. But after he had committed crimes he was supposed to be executed. Soma saved him and offered him a new life as his servant. Therefore, Soma gave him a new name: Agni. And because now he’s only referred to as Agni, I included him in this list.

  • Undertaker: He is one of the big mysteries in Kuro. Due to his profession he’s called “Undertaker” but his real name is unknown (so far).

  • Wolfram: He was trained by the German military in order to protect his country. Only for his mission as part of the Green Witch Project he was given the name “Wolfram Geltzer”. Therefore, that isn’t his real name.

Edit: If we’re also regarding the anime there are even more characters with a false name (credit to lizmidford):

  • Claude Faustus (and probably the other demons in the Trancy household: Hannah, Timber, Thompson, Canterbury)
  • Alois Trancy: Like with Agni, we do know his real name (Jim Macken) but he lives under the pseudonym of Alois Trancy
  • (maybe Ash/Angela)

Edit 2: also in the anime (credit to annotatingarchangels)

  • the doll Drossel Keinz: The real Drossel’s soul was collected by the shinigami five years earlier. The doll only uses a temporary soul but thinks he’s human and calls himself “Drossel Keinz”.

Edit 3: With the confirmation of the 2CT in chapter 129 we can also include our Ciel in that list now. His true name is unknown (for now) because after what happened in the cult our Ciel took over his twin’s name and identity as ‘Ciel Phantomhive’ in order to return.

Who’s Who of the 2017 Grand Prix Series, Part 2: Pairs

Here’s the second part of our Grand Prix previews, covering the dynamic pairs discipline! Don’t forget to check out our ice dance and men’s previews, as well as our program recommendation playlist for currently-competing pairs and dance teams.

With high-flying throw jumps and twists where the female partner is thrown several feet into the air, pairs skating is the most breathtaking - and dangerous - discipline of figure skating. Pairs teams are scored on a wide variety of elements, including synchronized jumps and spins, throw jumps, lifts, twists, etc. (For more information on elements in pairs skating, see our introduction to skating guides.) The current pairs field is the strongest that it’s been in years, with several contenders at the top and no way to predict who will ultimately occupy the highest position in the world. Recent seasons have also seen the rise of teams from countries without a strong pairs or skating background. If you haven’t watched pairs skating before and if you like badass ladies with short hair now’s a good time to start!

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First Use of “OMG”

September 9 1917, London–Although their relationship had become highly strained over the course of the Dardanelles campaign, Churchill and Lord Fisher remained close friends afterwards.  Churchill even subjected himself to some political humiliation by making an appeal in Parliament to return Fisher to the Admiralty.  The two maintained a regular correspondence, and on September 9, Fisher sent Churchill a short letter.  Most of it discussed German naval preparations in the Baltic.  With the fall of Riga, the Germans wanted to push north, putting further pressure towards Petrograd.  To do so by land seemed relatively infeasible at the time, and Riga’s usefulness as a port was limited by Russian control of the large islands in the Gulf of Riga.

The Germans planned landings on these islands, with major assistance from large portions of the High Seas Fleet (brought through the Kiel Canal for the purpose).  Although their exact plans were unknown, the movement of German ships and their intention to carry out amphibious operations north of Riga were well-known enough to appear in British papers.  Fisher lamented that the Germans were poised to do with a small force what the British had not been able to do the entire war (despite Churchill’s plans):

We are five times stronger at Sea than our enemies and here is a small Fleet that we could gobble up in a few minutes playing the great vital Sea part of landing an Army in the enemies’ rear and possibly capturing the Russian Capital by Sea!…Are we really incapable of a big Enterprise?

Fisher concluded his short note with this line:

I hear that a new order of Knighthood is on the tapis–O.M.G. (Oh! My God!)–Shower it on the Admiralty!!

This is the first documented use of OMG as an abbreviation for “Oh My God” in the English language.

Today in 1916: Hindenburg & Ludendorff Discuss Full Economic War Mobilization
Today in 1915: US Demands Recall of Austrian Ambassador for Fomenting Strikes
Today in 1914: Lieutenant Colonel Hentsch Orders a German General Retreat

Broken Bones - Bucky X Reader



Summary: You’re a SHIELD agent and somehow Hydra has found out about your intimate relationship with Bucky, which takes a lethal turn for your part.

Warnings: Graphic violence, torture.

Words: 1 753 (+ a few cause I added some)

A/N: This is short with a cheesy ending but I’ll try and make my posts longer in the future! Alos, please send me requests, or just message me to chat tbh. I’m always up for a good convo.

Originally posted by stupidteletubbie

Her breath was ragged, her entire body pulsing from the pain. Blood dripped from her bottom lip and her nose and slowly cascaded down her skin from multiple wounds across her body.

“Tell me.” The Hydra agent ordered again, grabbing a firm grip of her trigger finger. She felt her heart begin to race and her breathing increase. “Tell me where the Winter Soldier is.”

She would never tell them where Bucky was. They could kill her if they felt like it. Never would she risk that man’s safety. He had been with Hydra before and god knows he had been through enough.

The agent forced her finger back abruptly and a loud crack echoed in the room as her finger laid flat against the top of her hand. She let in a sharp breath, somehow managing to not scream from the pure agony she was in. Blood rushed to her now broken finger which caused it to both swell and turn purple along with the already forming bruises around the base of her finger.

She looked down as the agent let go and her finger laid still, her muscles unable to move it. He then moved on to the next finger in line but hesitated.

“Maybe finger isn’t enough?” He said in his heavy, german accent, his hand beginning to travel across her body disgustingly. “Maybe leg? Or arm? Maybe even rib? So many possibilities…”

“Stop touching me, you twisted fuck.” She spat out angrily. “You and your psychotic little bitch friends will never find him. You’re going to have to kill me first.”

The agent looked down at her, eyes cold as stone. “Maybe we will.”

Without warning, he snatched a metal pipe from a cart of tools nearby and slammed it with all his strength into her leg. The bone splintered and pierced through her flesh, causing blood to splash onto the pipe as well as the floor. She couldn’t keep her voice back that time but screamed as loud as her vocal chords would allow her to. She felt the taste of blood from the raspy scream which tore at her throat as an unimaginable pain radiated from below her knee. She couldn’t see it, but she could feel the unnatural angle her leg was in and she felt sick to the very core of her body.

“Where is he, Agent Y/L/N?” The man sang out, walking around her. “I know you know where he is. After all, you two are rather intimate, are you not?”

She was on the verge of passing out but his sentence sent a shiver down her spine that woke her up.

How could he know? Not even the rest of the Avengers knew. Her and Bucky had slept together a handful of times, all of them which were more than secluded and private. Not even the team could find them at those times if they wanted to.

Throw her in her cell, she’s useless at the moment.” The man ordered in German which she knew from five years of studying when she was younger.

Two other agents, clearly underdogs, grabbed her under her arms and hauled her off of her seat and down the hallway. Her body was shaking in pain and she felt her leg dangle behind her, the pieces of bone cracking and crunching inside of her.

They took her to the cell where she had been held for almost a week already. The walls were covered in mold and roaches crawled in the ceiling, but at least she was alone.

They threw her inside and she fell flat on her stomach, hitting her head against the concrete floor which was enough of an impact to knock her out. She laid lifelessly in the murky puddle of old rainwater that had seeped in, peacefully unaware of her surroundings for just a moment.

Bucky fired yet another shot which killed yet another Hydra spy. Steve was ahead somewhere and Natasha behind him. Sam was circling the premises incase reinforcement would show.

He carried his machine gun as steady as a rock, turning quickly around every corner of the labyrinth like facility which gave him the creeps.

“East wing cleared.” Natasha informed over the intercom. In the distance, bouncing down the long hallways, Bucky could hear the whistling sound of Steve’s shield flying through the air before hitting something, followed by multiple gunshots. He didn’t doubt Steve’s competence for a second though and paid more mind to his own surroundings as he knew Steve would be able to handle himself just fine.

Bucky turned another corner and was faced with a steep corridor with a door guarded by two men. He opened fire instantly and killed the two guards before proceeding. He snatched the keycard from one of the them and slid it through the scanner beside the door, the mechanism buzzing before unlocking the reinforced, steel, barrier.

The room inside was free of Hydra but amongst the cells which stretched from one end of the narrow room to the other, he could see Y/N. She was laying on the floor, eerily still and bloody.

“Y/N!” He shouted out, throwing his weapon to the ground with a loud slam and running to her cell. He gripped onto the electronic lock with his metal hand and began to crush it brutally until sparks began to fly and its lights faded to black. After that, he managed to rip the entire door loose off its hinges and he threw it down the room and rushed inside.

His heart ached as he saw her sickly twisted leg and her blue and almost black finger which was just as twisted. Her grabbed her body, his heart stopping completely as he felt how cold she was and upon noticing how truly pale her skin was.

No…” A tear instantly fell from his eye. “No, please…”

Steve rushed into the room suddenly and in the blink of an eye, Bucky had grabbed his handgun from its holster and aimed for the entrance to the cell room. When seeing it was Steve, his hand began to tremble until the gun slipped from his grip.

He grabbed a hold of Y/N again and began to turn her around. As her leg began to move with her, she suddenly jolted to consciousness and let out a scream of pain. Bucky could feel his heart drop to the bottom of his chest and his lips parted as he grabbed Y/N’s cheek, laying her in his lap.

“Oh thank god…” He knelt down and rested his lips against her wet forehead. Steve stood by the ripped open cell door, seeing a new side to Bucky and Y/N’s partnership which he had found plausible multiple times but had never though they would ever let happen.

Bucky pressed an obvious kiss to Y/N’s forehead which was enough for Steve to confirm his theory. “I’m so sorry.” Bucky cried out, knowing damn well that Y/N had been abducted because of him. Ever since he was put in the public eye after the dispute between Steve and Tony, Hydra had risen from their grave and had began their search for him. The Avengers had taken extreme measures to keep Bucky out of Hydra’s hands, but they hadn’t thought about everyone else on the team being possible victims.

“I need blood.” She stuttered, whimpering. “I’ve lost a lot, I don’t know how much exactly, but a lot…”

“We’re taking you home, Y/N, I swear.” Steve promised and her eyes looked past Bucky and to the entrance of her cell where Steve was kneeling, pity overtaking his features for the girl who had been a SHIELD agent for less than a year.

Her eyes suddenly opened. Her eyelids hung low and her vision was blurry but she could still see. She felt a needle sting in the fold of her arm as she moved slightly and could feel a slight pressure around her left leg and right index.

“Hey…” She would recognize that soft and rumbling voice anywhere at anytime.

She detected movement to her left and forced her eyes open, spotting a red-eyed Bucky smiling painfully down at her. “Hi there, you big looser.”

He let out a short laugh, making his tears stay inside for her sake. “I see your personality survived?” It was both a question and a statement as he was assuming but needed confirmation.

“All of me did.” She assured, but then doubted herself as she focused on the pressure around her leg and finger again. “At least as far as I know?”

Bucky got the hint. “It’s going to take time, but Cho says you will heal. Let it rest properly and you will have full functionality in both your leg and finger again.” Bucky said as he pulled a chair up to the side of her hospital bed and took a seat.

“Sounds promising.” She groaned as she accidentally moved her upper body, recalling the kicks she had received in her stomach. “God, that hurts.”

“I’m so sorry…” Bucky couldn’t contain it any longer. He reached both his hands out and held Y/N’s left one in them. “I’m so sorry for what they did to you. It should have been me-”

“I want to kiss you to shut you the hell up, but I can’t reach you.” She interrupted him with a frown and a hint of anger mixed with a dozen of other emotions.

Hesitantly, Bucky rose from his seat and leaned down to her, softly placing his lips against hers as if she would break from his mere touch.

She placed her left hand on his cheek and savored the peaceful moment that had already made all of the torture worth it. “Don’t judge yourself so harshly… Do you think I judge myself for all the mistakes I’ve ever done?”

He knew she didn’t, so he shook his head.. She was the strongest person he knew. She would never allow to be that weak, not for anyone and definitely not for herself.

“Exactly, so let’s move on from this. Torture was sooo yesterday…” She sassily raised her hand and made Bucky chuckle involuntarily. “I’m all about the latest fashion.”

He looked at her with so much admiration he could never put it into words. “And what’s that?”

She smiled. She had feared for her life when she was a prisoner of Hydra. They had tortured her like never before using both mental and physical techniques. To see Bucky again was like realizing what life she could have missed had she been killed by them.

She soothed her thumb over his cheek as she cupped his face again. “Us.”

Time •Part 4• (Steve Trevor x Reader)

“Diana!” Steve yelled as she climbed out of the trenches and began to cross No Man’s Land. You yelled along with him, pleading for her to come back; she had quickly become your friend, and the last thing you wanted was for her to risk her life.

You watched in fear beside Steve as she crossed the field, deflecting bullets off of her cuffs. Finally, you decided to follow, pulling your gun out as you stayed close to Steve. You hid behind debris and shot down the men with a machine gun that had prevented Diana from crossing even further across the field.

When you finally made it to the town, you felt beyond elated. The only problem was, the town was still occupied by the German soldiers. Diana ordered for you all to stay back while she went ahead, and while you waited for a while, you all still followed. When it seemed that you had been victorious, the sniper began to shoot. A bullet grazed the side of your arm, tearing through your coat and ripping along your skin. While it wasn’t deep, it still caused you to cry out, immediately catching Steve’s attention.

“Y/N!” He exclaimed worriedly as he rushed foward. He grabbed onto your waist and pulled you into his side as he rushed you over to a building where you would be safe. “Where are you hit? How bad is it, Y/N? You need to stay calm or it could make things worse and-”

“Steve, I’m fine,” you promised, resting a hand on the back of his neck and placing your forehead on his. You could feel him shaking, his face pale as his eyes scanned your face; he worried too much when it came to you. “It barely grazed my arm, it just hurt a bit.”

“Are you sure?”


“Okay,” he breathed out as his face filled with relief. “Stay here, alright? I’m gonna take care of this.”

You nodded and watched as he rushed into the open space with his friends. They lifted up a piece of debris and held it up.

“Diana!” Steve called out, quickly catching her attention. “Shield!”

She immediately understood what he was saying and leapt foward onto the debris as they lifted it up. You looked on as she jumped into the tower with her shield, the top of it crumbling, which meant that the sniper had been crushed to death. When Steve was sure that Diana was alright, he returned to you, helping you up.

“My hero,” you cooed as he pulled you into his side and placed a kiss to the side of your head. You stood amongst the villagers and watched as they thanked Diana; Steve’s eyes never left you.

“I’m flattered,” Steve smirked.

“Don’t let it go to your head, dear, it’s already about to pop,” you giggled.

“Are you saying that my ego is too big?” He questioned with a laugh. You nodded quickly and smiled innocently at him. “You love me for it.”


His side brushed against where the bullet had grazed your skin and you let out a pained gasp. His eyes darted down to the wound and he felt his stomach drop as he saw the blood dripping down your arm. The gash was fairly deep, but it didn’t look deep enough for stitches.

“I’m fine,” you insisted as you noticed Steve’s lingering gaze.

“Please don’t lie to me.”

“I’m not, Steve.”

“It’s still bleeding, Y/N,” he pointed out. “If we don’t clean it and put a bandage on it, it’s going to get infected.”

“Fine,” you gave in, not wanting Steve to tire himself out worrying over your health.

“Thank you,” he breathed out before leading you over to an area where people were being treated for their injuries. He grabbed a roll of gauze and a bottle of whiskey before heading back to where you were sitting on a crate. He handed you the gauze and opened the bottle. Before moving to put some of the whiskey on your wound, he took a swig from the bottle before holding it out to you.

“Since when did you start drinking straight from the bottle?”

“Since you started being reckless.”

“I am not reckless,” you argued with a huff. You took the bottle and took a quick drink from it before holding it out for Steve.

“You’ve been reckless since the war started,” Steve smirked as he rolled his eyes at your words. “Always doing something to keep me on my toes.”

“Well, I wasn’t reckless today.”

“No, you weren’t reckless,” he sighed. Without warning, he moved the bottle and poured some whiskey onto the wound before setting the bottle down and picking up the gauze. He was quick to start wrapping up the wound. Despite his efforts to make the process easy for you, you still let out a string of curses and clenched your eyes shut until he finished wrapping your arm. “You just have awful luck.”

“It’s why you love me,” you said with a smile. You looked up at him as he finished wrapping your arm and wrapped your arms around his middle.

“I suppose so.”

He dipped his head down, his lips meeting yours in a tender kiss. His hands were cupping your cheeks as he pressed himself closer to you. The kiss lasted for a few more moments before you finally pulled away, the need for air becoming too strong.

It was then that the photographer approached the two of you, his smile was warm and friendly as he thanked you for doing what others couldn’t. Of course, you and Steve were happy to be in the picture. Walking over, you saw that Diana, Charlie, Sammy, and Chief were waiting.

“Can I stand next to you?” You asked Diana as you stood in front of her. Steve was behind you, hands on your shoulders as he looked at Diana with eyes that said ‘you better not say no to my girl.’

“I wouldn’t want anyone else to,” she told you honestly. She had been hoping to stand beside you, seeing as how you had come to be like a sister to her; she would always want her sister beside her.

“Can I stand next to you, my dear?” Steve whispered in your ear as he wrapped an arm around your waist. You grasped onto his hand and looked up at him.


“Alright, stay very still for me, my friends,” the photographer instructed as he adjusted the camera. You all looked at it with straight faces, attempting to appear strong and worthy of the appreciation you were receiving from the people. There was a click and then the photographer looked at you all with a smile. “Thank you so much for letting me take your picture, it means a great deal to me.”

“What if I blinked?” You asked Steve as you began to walk over to where the villagers had begun to gather for a celebration.

“You’ll still be the prettiest one in the picture,” he reassured you. You stopped walking and glanced up at Steve with a look he had seen many times before.

“Kiss me,” you stated, placing your hands on the back of his neck. He wrapped his arms around your frame and leaned down to press his lips to yours. Your lips moved in synch and the kiss was filled with an unspoken agreement. It was a promise that the two of you would stay beside each other, no matter what happened. You pulled away and felt him put his forehead against yours. “Let’s stay like this forever.”

“I would love that.”

There was a faint click in the background that went unnoticed by you and Steve.

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Afrikaans word-order

Constructing a sentence in Afrikaans is relatively simply since one needn’t worry about cases, conjugations or even gender agreement. All that matters is syntax (or word order).

I’ve attempted to cover quite a lot in this post– briefly. Feel free to send an ask for a more detailed explanation of a specific aspect

► Normal sentences

► most importantly, Afrikaans is a V2 language, which means the verb is always the 2nd element in the sentence. Keep an eye out for this because it’s always true (in main clauses).

► All other elements are pretty flexible. The general word order rule is STOMPI which stands for: Subject – Time – Object – Manner – Place – Infinitives and participles (although sometimes the object can go after the adverb of manner). Together with the V2-rule, that gives you SvTOMPI — you needn’t follow it too rigidly, but it’s a good guideline.

For example, some basic sentences:

  • My naam is Sam  (My name is Sam)
  • Ek eet soggens ʼn appel  (I eat an apple in the mornings)
  • Ek wil môre biblioteek toe gaan  (I want to go to the library tomorrow)

Here is a longer sentence :

  • Ek skryf elke dag ʼn artikel stilletjies by die werk om te blog  
    (I write an article quietly at work every day, to post on my blog)

for emphasis, you can start the sentence with almost any of the elements. But remember, no matter what you start with, the verb will be in the 2nd position and everything else follows the pattern :

  • Ek skryf elke dag ʼn artikel stilletjies by die werk om te blog

Notice in the following sentences that the subject comes after the verb! This is different from English!

  • Elke dag, skryf ek ʼn artikel stilletjies by die werk om te blog
  • Stilletjies skryf ek elke dag ʼn artikel by die werk om te blog [*poetic]
  • By die werk skryf ek elke dag ʼn artikel stilletjies om te blog

Starting with the infinitive adds the nuance of : “In order to …”

  • Om te blog, skryf ek elke dag ʼn artikel stilletjies by die werk

And starting with the object only works in the passive voice:

  • ʼn Artikel word elke dag deur my stilletjies by die werk geskryf om te blog


Similarly, questions start with a question word, the verb follows in the 2nd position, and then STOMPI

  • Hoe gaan dit vandag met jou?  (How are you today?)
  • Waarvoor wil jy môre biblioteek toe gaan?
    (Why do you want to go to the library tomorrow?)

Other questions simply invert the subject and the verb. In these instances, the verb will be in the 1st position:

  • Gaan jy môre biblioteek toe? (Are you going to the library tomorrow?)

► Tense

the same rules apply to the past and future tenses. Just remember that participles go at the end with the infinitives.

  • Present: Ek skryf ʼn artikel by die werk (I write an article at work)
  • Past:  Ek het ʼn artikel by die werk geskryf
  • Future: Ek sal ʼn artikel by die werk skryf

You should also be aware of separable verbs. These are best left for a post specifically about verbs, but since it influences word order, this is how it works:

  • Present: Ek gooi die rommel weg  (I throw the rubbish/trash away)
  • Past:  Ek het die rommel weggegooi
  • Future: Ek sal die rommel weggooi

► Conjunctions

Above, were the word-order rules for a single sentence. Now, when joining two sentences together, they type of conjunction used will have an effect on the word order in the subordinate clauses (the second sentence)

  1. Ek gaan biblioteek toe   (I’m going to the library)
  2. My boek is reeds laat   (My book is already late)

► GROUP 1 consists of maar (but), en (and), of (or), want (because).
The word order of both clauses stays the same. For example:

► GROUP 2 consists of dan (then), daarna (thereafter), dus, daarom (therefore), toe (then), anders (otherwise), al (although).
Here the verb come directly after the conjunction :

► GROUP 3 consists of dat (that), omdat (because), totdat (until), nadat (after), sodat (so that), wat (who, what), alhoewel (although), toe (when), terwyl (while), sedert (since), as, of (if), tensy (unless).
After Group 3 conjunctions, the verb goes to the end of the 2nd clause:

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