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My Top 30 Teen (13-15) Solos of 2016/2017


1. Eva Igo - River

2. Brooke Cox - Creep

3. Tate McRae - Zillionaire

4. Tate McRae - Dark Paradise

5. Olivia Alboher - You Don’t Own Me

6. Lauren Shaw - Something More Holy

7. Lauren Yakima - Lacrimosa

8. Emmy Cheung - Can’t Help Falling In Love

9. Lucy Vallely - Cliff Ends

10. Alexis Welder - The Water

11. Aaliyah Zolina - La Femme Fatale

12. Jade Bucci - Performance as Core Perfomer (unknown title)

13. Lizzie Garcia - The World Fell So Quietly

14. Bostyn Brown - Would Be Killer

15. Taylor Nunez - Easy

16. Talia Seitel - Natural Woman

17. Ruby Castro - Fly Me To The Moon

18. Anessa Zivic - The Way You Move

19. Kayla Mak - Reverence

20. Charlotte Foldes - The Alter

21. Ellie Wagner - Going Back

22. Shylah Bucher - Get Low

23. Trinity Bonilla - Mon Dieu

24. Quinn Starner - Je Ne Regrette Rien

25. Quinn Starner - Creep

26. Jaxon Willard - Cage of Bones

27. Holden Maples - Next to You

28. Findlay McConnell - Side Show

29. Joziah German - NY

30. Alexander Shulman - Let Me Into Your Heart


1. Eva Igo - It’s All Coming Back to Me Now

2. Lauren Busyn - untitled

3. Jade Bucci - Million Reasons

“NY” - Joziah (Joey) German, Prodigy Dance and Performing Arts Centre, teen contemporary solo, 1st overall, 24 Seven San Antonio, November 2016
★ Choreography by Andrew Winghart
NY Is Killing Me ~ Gil Scott-Heron and Jamie XX

The New York Times:

The riders eye the outdoor perches first, pressing, grinding, deploying well-placed elbows, angling closer, closer to the edge that overlooks the water.

Soon there are juice boxes resting on the rail and children on their tiptoes just beneath them. Sisters clink $3.75 Bud Lights in a presunset toast. Some riders wear foam crowns of Lady Liberty, and a German tour group, decked in lederhosen, asks about the statue. It rises soon enough, dutifully obscuring the view of New Jersey.

But the Staten Island Ferry on a Saturday night is a love story first, retold every 5.2 miles with many of the same characters — a 25-minute cruise, as Gay Talese once wrote, for those with “no particular desire to reach the other side.”

Here are the high school sophomores on a chaperoned date, stealing a kiss — the gentle clack of orthodontic braces — as the adults look away.