german mastiffs

Signs as dog breeds
  • Aries: American Eskimo Dog
  • Taurus: Greyhound
  • Gemini: English Mastiff
  • Cancer: Border Collie
  • Leo: German Pinscher
  • Virgo: Rottweiler
  • Libra: Saluki
  • Scorpio: Yorkshire Terrier
  • Sagittarius: French Bulldog
  • Capricorn: Cocker Spaniel
  • Aquarius: Puli
  • Pisces: Toy Fox Terrier

ahtna-queen-of-fey  asked:

This is a question that might have been asked before but I need help. I've been struggling to pick a pet for my original main character. Like if I should focus on matching it with the character's personality, or the pet's ability on the battlefield... Please help

Okay @ahtna-queen-of-fey, so I feel like I need a lil bit more information about your story to know which pet you should choose because there are a ton of differences between what a character in a realistic fiction story can get and a character in a fantasy or Sci-Fi story can get.

However, you said “usefulness on the battlefield” so I’m leaning towards either fantasy or Sci-Fi.

I’m not really sure what “Matching it with the character’s personality” means (I’m assuming that if they’re dark and brooding they have like a raven or something?) and if my assumptions are correct, then you should really steer clear from this path. Dark, brooding characters having dark, brooding pets is an overly-used trope that is borderline cheesy. 

Think about what YOUR character would want. Think about their personality. Do they not like reptiles or fantasy creatures because they’re too scary? Pick a pet that you think you’re character (not you) would want.

For example, I love reptiles. I have a Bearded Dragon lizard, and I love snakes and crocodiles and the like. My main character, however, would probably be more of a bird person (not birds of prey, lil tiny pet birds and also parrots). I could see him having a whole aviary just so all of his lil birds could land on him.

Separate yourself from your character and decide what pet they would most likely desire, which could be one from the lists I’m making below:


These pets are also the “regular” pets. They’re not very useful in battle and would be if your character enjoys a friend rather than a comrade.

Note that is just an overall, broad census. I don’t want people answering in the comments with links to a killer bunny used in warfare or saying “yeah, but if you trained them this way…” No. I don’t want to hear it.

- Bunny

- Parrots and songbirds

- Cat

- Lizard


- Any rodent

- Toy dogs (chihuahua, yorkie)


These pets would be useful in battle, but not for the actual fighting part.

- Homing Pigeons (Used during World War I because of their incredible sense of direction and ability to always find their way back home- used for messages)

- Horse/Pony/Donkey/Mule (For transportation over long distances, carrying loads, pulling carts, and providing extra speed in the midst of the fighting. Can buck and kick and trample, but usually only out of fear rather than training)

- Unicorns (Healing, same as Horse/Pony/Donkey/Mule)

- Labradors/Other Medium-Sized Dogs like Retrievers and Collies and Austrailian Shepherds and Labradoodles and Hounds (Carry medicine and messages, detect bombs, not really built for attacking as much as some other dogs)


These pets are used for killing when it comes to battle.

- Dragons

- Large/strong dogs (Akitas, German Shepherds, Mastiffs, Huskies, Malamutes, Dobermans, Pit Bulls, Saint Bernards)

- Basiliks

- Elephants

- Any big cat

- Phoenixes

- Drakons

- Wolves/ Dire Wolves

- Robotic animals fashioned for killing (Note their can also be robotic animals for the other two classes)

- Earth golems

- Kelpies (Sea warfare)

- Sea serpents

- Krakens

- Wyverns

- Hydra

- Bears

- Birds of Prey (Golden Eagle, Bald Eage, Osprey, Peregrine Falcon, Harris Hawk)

- Wraiths

Also, don’t be afraid to make up your own kinds of creatures!

Hope this helped!



It’d be nice to have a pet, but Ichimatsu-niisan isn’t allowed to keep the kitties he helps at home, so I guess same goes for dogs… I like big friendly dogs like labradors or golden retrievers or boxers or german shepperds or mastiffs or whathaveya, but I also like all breeds! Small dogs are also adorable and fluffy and playful and I wanna be friends with all of them!! If they can keep up for course =D

Their Reactions to You Having a Pitbull~

Anon asked~  Hey! I love your blog!!!! Could you maybe do a BTS reaction to you having a pit bull?? It’s kind of random lol but I have three big doggos and one of my relatives won’t come over because one is a pit bull :-( so now I’m kind of bummed

Oh my gosh… I was waiting for someone to submit something like this! I am a huge dog lover, I love BIG dogs more than anything. I want a Pitbull but my city doesn’t allow them ; v ; Pitbulls are known for being a bully breed, but they are actually super nice! Your relative needs to man up, Pitties are so beautiful and like… idk hearing that upsets me too! I like Saint Bernards, Great Danes, Mastiffs, Leonbergers, German Shepherds (I have two pure breds~ one female one male), and Golden Retrievers! Then again, I love all dogs! 

 Okay anyways~ on with the request! 

Kim Namjoon

The second you brought that beautiful grey Pitbull into the house, Namjoon melted. 
“Jagi! Is that a Pitbull?” he asked, as he walked up to the dog, running his fingers through the canine’s fur. You nodded as your grip tightened on the leash, so the dog didn’t tackle him out of excitement.

“What’s it’s name?” Namjoon questioned, and you smiled, responding,
“Her name is Daisy. Isn’t she adorable?” and Namjoon beamed brightly,
“She’s gorgeous! Do we get to keep her?” 
“Yes Joonie. We get to keep her. I just rescued her a few days ago. I didn’t want you to find out because it was a surprise.” you giggled, and Namjoon jumped up and down.

“Daisy! We’re going to have so much fun together! Jagiya, thank you so much!”
“It’s not a problem Joonie. I really fell in love with Daisy when I met her, I just had to rescue her.” you explained, and Namjoon smiled,
“Don’t worry. I fell in love with her the second I laid eyes on her. Just like how I fell in love with you.” 
“Joonie…” you blushed vividly, as Namjoon lifted you up in his arms and placed his lips against your’s. 

Kim Seok-jin

Not even five seconds of coming inside with a puppy, Jin exploded out of excitement. He was squealing like a little girl, running up to the puppy and holding it in his arms. It was a purebred Pitbull, brown fur, blue eyes, and a male. His name was Cooper. 
“Jagi… This dog.. I love it already!” Jin smiled brightly, looking up at you as the puppy barked happily. 
“His name is Cooper. I got him for us.” a small smile washed upon your lips.
“How long have you had him?” he asked and you scratched your neck, chuckling some.
“I’ve had him for a while, he was staying at my mom’s until I was ready to show him to you.” and Jin got up onto his feet, the puppy still in his arms. 

“You know, you could have brought him home the second you got him. I think Pitbulls are cute.” Jin said, and you shrugged,
“Pitbulls are famous for ‘being mean’, so I didn’t want you to think…” you began, but Jin cut you off with a kiss.
“I don’t want to hear it. This is one of the greatest things that’s happened to me besides meeting you.” he mumbled against your lips. The puppy reached up to you guys, and started licking Jin’s cheek. You pulled away, laughing at Cooper’s antics.
“I think he likes you, Jin.”

Min Yoongi

You sat down with Yoongi at the dining room table, your legs kicking up and down anxiously. You were afraid to tell him that you had a Pitbull that was going to be living with the both of you. You didn’t know how he was going to react at all, but you hoped it was a positive reaction. You’ve been with this dog for a couple of years now, and he was your best friend. You didn’t want to have to get rid of him. He was a really good dog. 

“Jagiya, you wanted to talk to me?” he smiled. Well, this was a start. You cleared your throat, biting your lips nervously. 
“Well… Yoongi. How would you react if I had a Pitbull?” you asked, tilting your head to the side.
“I love Pitbulls! If you had one, I’d be so happy! Wait… you– Jagi don’t tell me..” and a smile curled upon your lips.
“I do have a Pitbull. His name is Dexter. He’s a black Pitbull and is really friendly!” you exclaimed, and Yoongi beamed warmly.
“Can I see him?” 
“I brought him with me, let me go get him.” you said, walking towards a cage. You heard Dexter barking loudly as you approached the cage. You unlocked it, letting Dexter out. 

“Whoa! He’s… so handsome!” Yoongi gasped, as he got down on his knees, letting the dog come up to him.
“Who’s a good boy?” Yoongi pet the dog, ruffling his black fur. Dexter barked happily, licking Yoongi’s face.

Park Jimin

The minute Jimin heard barking coming from outside, he ran out the door to see where it was coming from. He saw you and a beautiful Pitbull in your car, with the air conditioner on full blast and the windows down. Jimin scurried over to the Pitbull, petting it’s head.

“Jagi! You never told me you had a Pitbull!” Jimin squealed out of amusement, letting the dog lick his face. You giggled, watching him interact with the dog.
“Well. I guess you know now! Her name is Princess. Isn’t she amazing?” you gushed, your hand pressing against the dog’s thin fur. 
“You want to take her for a walk?” you asked him, handing Jimin the leash.
“Yeah! Definitely!” he smirked, opening the car door and letting Princess jump out of the car.

“Let’s go Princess!” he yelled in a bubbly tone, and that excited Princess. She bolted down the driveway, causing Jimin to stumble and run along with her.
“Wait Princess! Wait!” Jimin shrieked, as you immediately got out of the car, commanding Princess to heel. 
“Heel!” you shouted, and Princess obeyed.
“I’m gonna have to get used to this.” Jimin chuckled.

Jung Hoseok

“Jagi? Is that a dog?” Hoseok’s eyes lit up as you walked up to your house with a dog on a leash. A Pitbull. Purebred. A grey coat and blue pools of color that shimmered in the sunlight. His name was Jasper. You nodded and Hobi squeaked.
“Really?! I’ve always wanted a Pitbull! What’s it’s name?” and you laughed, slicking your fingers through your hair before responding.
“His name is Jasper. He’s a really good dog. He likes to play with sticks, and he loves to cuddle.” and Hobi squealed with delight.

“We’re going to have so much fun Jasper! Want to play fetch, Jasper?” Hobi got down on his knees, looking directly at the dog with big eyes. Jasper barked, wagging his tail vigorously. 
“Let’s play fetch, boy!” Hobi ran to the backyard, picking up a stick and throwing it for Jasper to go catch.

You let go of Jasper, letting him chase after the stick. You smiled as you watched Hobi play fetch with Jasper. I guess you had nothing to be scared of, letting him know about the Pitbull. 
“You caught it! Good boy!” Hobi laughed, as Jasper dropped the stick in Hobi’s hands, waiting for him to throw it again. 

Jeon Jeongguk

You lead the dog into the house, worried of what Jungkook was going to think of it. His reaction couldn’t be that bad, right? You sighed, sitting down on the couch, the dog joining you. You had a Pitbull for a couple of years now, and Jungkook was oblivious to it. Today you were finally going to let him know about it. All you had to do was wait for Jungkook to come home. 

“Jagi? I’m home!” his voice echoed throughout your house, and the dog started barking. Jungkook raised a brow the second he heard a dog barking.
“Did you bring a dog home?” Jungkook asked, and you cleared your throat.
“Yeah.. I did! I’ve had her for a few years now..” you replied anxiously. Jungkook laughed,
“You’re just now letting me know this? What’s her name?” 
“Her name is Bella!” Jungkook was silent for a moment. He set his stuff down on the counter and walked into the living room, where you were at with Bella. 

“Oh my gosh… She’s beautiful.” Jungkook murmured, dropping onto his knees slowly, letting the dog come up and sniff him. He carefully pet her, 
“Who’s a good girl? It’s you Bella!” he chuckled, his fingers running through her fur.
“I think we’re going to be good friends, Bella.” he smiled as the dog licked his face.

Kim Taehyung

You didn’t even have to tell Taehyung that you had a Pitbull, he had already known. But he was surprised that you had kept it from him from so long. 
“Tae-Tae… How did you know?” you quirked a brow, quite perplexed by his knowledge of the Pitbull. Tae shrugged,
“You always left early whenever you’d come over to my place, I assumed you had a dog. Which is okay, because I LOVE dogs!” and this made you smile.
“So you’re okay with me having a Pitbull?” and Tae nodded, chuckling at your excitement. 
“As long as I get to see the dog too. Is it a boy or a girl?”
“It’s a boy. His name is Buddy.” you told him, and Taehyung grinned from ear to ear.

“When do I get to see him?” he asked, and you responded,
“You can see him right now! Buddy!” you called for your Pitbull, and he came running into the room, smothering you with kisses. You pointed Buddy in Taehyung’s direction, and Buddy gladly attacked Taehyung with lots of dog kisses too. 
“Buddy! Hi Buddy! Who’s a good boy?! I think it’s you!” Taehyung giggled, scratching Buddy’s back, causing him to kick his leg.

“You guys are going to get along just fine.” you smiled. 


What are the most popular dog breeds in Germany?

As per the German Kennel Club from 2008:

1. German Shepherd 
2. German Dachshund (80% are wirehaired standards)
3. German Wirehair Pointer
4. Labrador Retriever
5. Golden Retriever
6. German Mastiff (aka Great Dane)
7. Boxer
8. Poodle
9. Rottweiler
10. English Cocker Spaniel
11. Giant Schnauzer
12. Bernese Mountain Dog
13. German Shorthair Pointer
14. German Hovawart
15. Collie (Scottish Sheepdog)
16. Miniature Schnauzer
17. Kleiner Münsterländer (medium sized hunting dog similar to the Brittany)
18. West Highland White Terrier
19. Airedale Terrier
20. German Hunting Terrier (only sold to hunters, they don’t make good pets)
Romeo in action
playing with romeo

This is Romeo. I’ve picked him out of the many kittens at the pet store in Flemington Market back in 2006. 

My partner and I were just young fools in love and we were rebellious. We want our own place and own freedom so we left home got an apartment and got ourselves Romeo and Theodore (who was a bunny rabbit and he died a few months after we got him from a spider bite) to keep us company.

After Theodore died, Romeo was crying and weeping for his best friend. They were quite close as you can see the old pictures below.

 WE have tried to get another bunny (Horatio) but he also died a few weeks later from a heart failure. 

It didn’t take much toll on Romeo because by then we have moved back to live with my parents and from an indoor cat he gained his outdoor freedom.

From 2006 till 2009 he was living with us however we’ve been working in another state on and off which during that time we also got Delco (our german shepherd x tibetan mastiff) however they didn’t get along as much so we decided that Delco would have to stay with my parent’s while Romeo at my partner’s parents until we get our own place again.

So years gone by, we moved a lot around but Romeo remained loyal and happy at my in laws.  We have thought about taking him back but he was too happy there. The in laws looked after him well. He was healthy and filthy rich with all the mice he would capture around town. My in laws live around the beach so we didn’t want to take that luxury out of him. They also enjoyed his company and they loved him.

A few months ago we were told that he had cancer and it was too malignant to even have the operation. He also had some kidney problems. The vet told us that he needed to be put down when we’re ready, that he still had a few more months to go for us to make that decision because he was still fit and cheeky.

So last night (30.05.2017) my brother in law called and told us that they were on their way to the vet (my parents in law are currently away overseas) because Romeo was paralysed and it was decided that, this was it.

I think at that stage I could hear my heart shattered. It’s an immense ache to lose a pet you have known its whole life and who loved you unconditionally, loyal, friendliest and beautiful in every way. 

It wasn’t long that they rang us to say goodbye to him….

and texted his last picture  ( courtesy of my brother in law’s wife ).

There is no other words for me but I loved him, missed him and I always will.

anonymous asked:

Which breed of dog would you guys prefer? (I like guard dogs like Tibetan Mastiffs and German Shepherds^^)

We are all pretty open to dog breeds, but we’re fans of mixes.

I (James) like Dobermans 

Erik seems fond of puggles

Sam and Matthew likes corgis

Damien likes Dalmatians 

Are they a cat or dog person?

Just my own little headcanon about the boys~


  • Doesn’t really have a preference honestly 
  • Enjoys dogs for their energy and loyalty 
  • Likes cats for their independence and (usually) quiet nature 
  • When he finally gets his own place he’d prolly get a cat 
  • He’d be a busy man and would want a pet that would be okay with being alone for a bit
  • When he isn’t busy though he spoils the cat like it’s his baby 
  • Doesn’t let anyone know that the cat has him wrapped around its paw
  • Later on in life he would definitely get a dog when he is able to give them the proper amount of attention they need 
  • Probably a bully breed ‘cause he knows all too well how it feels to be judged unfairly 
  • Pupper would also be a rescue dog 
  • Because Akira is an A+ guy and is too good for this world
  • Him and S/O would go for evening walks with the pupper
  • Wearing matching outfits including one for the dog while they powerwalk around the neighborhood


  • Dogs all the way (before the Phantom Thieves) 
  • And not little yippy dogs 
  • Huskies, German Shepards, Great Danes, Mastiffs… 
  • Manly dogs because Ryuji is manly and tough
  • Also likes Greyhounds 
  • Would want to get a dog that could be his running partner once Akira moves away 
  • The dog would most likely 1000% be named Doggo or something just as silly 
  • After the Phantom Thieves, he finds himself tolerating cats a lot more than he used to 
  • Thinks Maine coons and hairless cats are pretty cool 
  • Would only have a cat in his future home if his S/O asked for one 
  • Because how could he possibly say no to them?
  • He’d pretend like it’s a huge annoyance
  • But is secretly excited that S/O would be happy about the addition to their little family
  • He’d start looking for a kitten for them ASAP


  • More of a cat person than a dog person
  • They’re graceful, intelligent, mysterious, elegant…
  • “No wonder the Egyptians worshiped these creatures.”
  • Has a soft spot for strays
  • Left out bowls of food at night for the neighborhood cats when he lived with Madarame
  • May have kept a stray or two hidden in his room during the harsh winters
  • Named his first cat Da Vinci since it couldn’t be his code name for the Phantom Thieves
  • Lets the cat sleep in his bed and on his pillow because they just look so comfortable in that spot and he doesn’t want to disturb them
  • Would be the person to sit in the same spot for an hour because a cat fell asleep on his lap 
  • He would introduce S/O to his cat right away to make sure they loved them just as much as he did
  • Has a few sketches of S/O holding the cat because they’re the most beautiful things in his life
  • Would be slightly reluctant to bring another cat in the house
  • Da Vinci is the king of the house and Yusuke wouldn’t want him to feel threatened
  • Relents after much pleading from S/O on the condition that the new cat be named Mona Lisa

buckwheatandbanana-deactivated2  asked:

u could doodle cosette and marius adopting a rescue puppy if u want

Marius can’t really handle going inside shelters because of how loud they are - the barking of 76 dogs in a small concrete space really tips off his anxiety pretty badly - so he just sits in the lobby and sends Cosette and Courfeyrac in and tells them to find a nice one.

Cosette keeps getting fixated on the giant mastiffs and german shepherds and one huge, shaggy, mutt monstrosity with a tongue as big as her face

Courf is like “I’m here for a corgi and nothing but a corgi” but there’s a chihuahua mommy nursing like seven babies and an attendant lets him inside the pen to see them and he sits there on the floor crying, covered in wee little puppies and telling Cosette he’s never going to leave

They both end up oggling a cute attendant and Courf is like “Can we take him home?” B)

They come really close to adopting a lizard instead 

When they finally come back out to the lobby they introduce Marius to their pick - an absolutely sweet little 5-month-old border collie/golden retriever mix named Bunny, with eyes just like Marius.


Favorite Dog Park Shots of 2015, Portraits Pt. 2

Just some of my favorite individual shots of other dogs at the dog park from the year. These are my photos but not my dogs, so if you have any questions about the individual dogs, I’m afraid I can’t help you! (Yes, the prong collar on the one dog makes me cringe a little.)


Someone requested Great Danes.

I like Danes, but it’s damn near impossible to find pictures of them working. So, I settled for pictures of Danes with less exaggerated features.

I normally don’t post show dogs, but it turns out, Finnish Show Danes are so much healthier looking than what we have in the US. So, that’s what the last 3 are.