german jacket

“Our mandate is to fight for the rights of the augmented, communicate our message, offer assistance. The ARC is a non-violent organization.”

Here’s the ink of Alcoholic German Aug Jesus™. This is technically still a WIP because I am experimenting with backgrounds at the moment. 


Jacket’s lines in Payday 2.

cybercavalier  asked:

Thoughts on surplus field jackets?

They have their place; I consider them very casual or work wear, something you pick when you expect to get grimy or sweaty, or perhaps bloodied. I personally am fond of the look of denim and an olive green M65, but I think wearing camouflage beyond very specific contexts, such as Heavy Metal fashion, can come off as rather juvenile and comical. I own an old West German army jacket I wear every so often, and an 80s woodland BDU shirt, but they’re generally either for work, lounging at home, or when I ditch the tie for an Iron Maiden shirt. I have a series of articles in the works on how to incorporate classic 20th century military attire, such as British and German uniform items, into an every day wardrobe in a classy way, as they’re more amenable to that. LARPing as some modern tactical warfighter on the street I personally consider to be in very bad taste.

anonymous asked:

hi what's the tinfoil jacket?? im german and ive never been to target but i'm intrigued

In the girls section there’s a jacket that literally just looks like it’s made out of tin foil and I love it