german inked


Trying something a little different! 

These are all traditionally inked comics for a little series I’m doing called “The adventures of Tiny German Shepherd” 

Going to be posting them as I finish them, Here’s the first 3. Each page is pretty much just a small self-contained story featuring that lovable scamp; Tiny German Shepherd. 

The Adventures of Tiny German Shepherd part 2

Where the voices
massacred with
awes of you —
the bees on vacation
honey for a sore throat

Now I know
your love was
a quick scan
not the kind
to absorb
till these
words soak you

Ok, let’s Kiss —
— my lips eagerly bicker!

So bees are back
and honey
fixed my voice.

Was that too loud?
I swallowed your
and now they
through the
of my
for all to hear.

D C de Oliveira
inspired by
“August, Do you read?”
Hello, August!

I really needed a piece of art that I can look at when I don’t feel motivated or uninspired (or when I feel insecure over my art >_>) so it can lift me up! And who is better suited for that job than Ink?? It’s crazy but every time I see art of him I feel filled with creativity :’) 

So I will print this and pin it at my wall! SO (hopefully) I  FEEL MOTIVATED EVERY DAY YESS!!

Perhaps it can inspire some other people out there as well?

SPEEDDRAW: here (or if you speak German watch here)

Ink belongs to the awesome @comyet / @myebi !

german AUs: meme edition

why am i doing this

  • i yelled “ALLES BÄM” and you whispered “läuft” back and now you’re pretending like you didn’t say anything but i definitely heard you sTOP PULLING THAT INNOCENT FACE
  • du sagst “der nutella” and i need to fight you now
  • wir haben beide ne wette verloren und müssen uns jetzt zu fastnacht als die leute aus dem warum liegt hier stroh rum video verkleiden
  • you’ve been singing “atemlos” for an hour now and i might kill you
  • you always greet me with “ich drink ouzo, was machst du so?”
  • ich hab im bus angefangen das heidi opening zu singen und du konterst mit biene maja
  • du cosplayst florian silbereisen auf der LBM/FBM und ich heul gleich
  • du sitzt neben mir im unterricht und jedes mal wenn ich dich was frage antwortest du mit “aber bitte mit sahne” wHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU

mehr fallen mir grad nicht ein

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I want to write something about us but idk where and how to start. All I can think is “I love you my big love.” And with that I’m perfectly contented. I’m not having a “lacking-of-words-scenario” in my mind. It is just, no words can’t suffice how much I love him.