german industrial designer

In my experience, users react positively when things are clear and understandable… That’s what particularly bothers me today. The arbitrariness and thoughtlessness with which many things are produced and brought to market. Not only in the sector of consumer goods, but also in architecture, in advertising. We have too many unnecessary things everywhere.
—  Dieter Rams, German Industrial Designer

These massive geometric sculptures play with nature’s most transitory material: water in its solid state.

Subzero Art, an international collective of artists, designers, architects, and creators, has been carving large-scale architectural installations out of ice and snow for nearly twenty years. United and guided by the vision of German industrial designer Franziska Agrawal, the collective brings these massive geometric sculptures to public spaces, international snow sculpting competitions, and symposia around the globe. Their work plays with “statics, size, center[s] of gravity, and known physics.”

This winter, the collective will be taking their work to China, Switzerland, and the U.S. Support their snowy sculptures and learn more here.