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Die Kartoffelpuffer (Hochdeutsch) or Reibekuchen (various German dialects) exist in many European national cuisines. In Germany, potato pancakes are eaten either salty (as a side dish) or sweet as a main dish with apple sauce and sometimes extra sugar, with berries or cinnamon. They’re common at festivals, appearing at outdoor market stands, particularly during the colder season and at Christmas markets. In Swiss-German cuisine, they’re called Rösti and are usually savory rather than sweet.

Just got a savage email newsletter from a German festival saying

“At this point, we’d like to mention that since October Nazis officially sit in the German parliament again. If you belong to the 13% who helped these low lives get there, then you should know that you are not welcome, so don’t bother applying for a ticket. The registration period for all non-AFD voters will start on December 1st.”

I’m crying I aspire to be this bitter props to their PR person

Summer’s day on the island of Fehmarn. Fehmarn is an Ostsee (Baltic Sea) island and part of Schleswig-Holstein in Northern Germany, only 18 km south of the Danish island of Lolland. It was settled by the Slavic Lechitic tribe of Wagri in the early Middle Ages. From the Middle Ages till 1864, it was part of the Danish Duchy of Schleswig. When this was partitioned in 1544, it went to the duchy of John the Elder. Upon his death in 1580, it became part of the Duchy of Schleswig-Holstein-Gottorp. After the Great Northern War, it was united with the Danish crown. In 1864 Schleswig passed to Prussia/Germany and has been with it since. Since 1963, the island has been connected to the German mainland by a road and rail bridge. It was also the location of Jimi Hendrix’s final concert at the Open Air Love & Peace Festival in 1970. The concert was held at Flügge Beach. There’s a memorial stone, and, since 1995, the Jimi-Hendrix-Revival-Festival has been celebrated here every year in September.

judylaverna  asked:

Do the people in the snk world celebrate the german festival :Oktoberfest?Because they kinda wear those clothes(Sasha for example in the OVA, I mean her dress)It would be funny because in Germany the people get drunk as hell (drinking beer ) and eat bread called "Brezel". Would be cool to imagine the veterans get drunk and wear those special clothes (except Levi, he doesnt get drunk )

Well, considering that Dirndl and Lederhosen are traditional clothing of Bavaria and Austria they don’t have to celebrate Oktoberfest to wear it. But it would be fun anyway. Especially for the veterans. They’d have a challenge who can carry the most Maßkrüge.